Gaeta / Citadel of tennis, the lawyer Carfagna writes to the Commissioner: “who manages it for?”

GAETA – But it has just been inaugurated “Citadela del Tenis” at Il Colle in Gaeta, who runs it? Or rather, who has been entrusted with its management? These are some of the questions that stand out in a letter from the lawyer Concetta Carfagnaas a lawyer for the temporary business group formed by the sports association “Obiettivo sport” and “Asd Marem Underwater”, sent directly to the Gaeta Police Station. The recipient is not by chance because for a few weeks the agents of the chief commissioner Stefano Leccese have been investigating the management of an order on which the now former municipal secretary had asked for clarification -because a few days the term expired- trade union mandate in the provincial administration from Chieti – Antonella Marra.

To feed the doubts of the lawyer Carfagna again on May 5, Anna Maria De Filippis, director of the Department of “culture and social welfare” of the municipality of Gaeta: the “Citadel of Tennis” was not granted in concession to the association “Circolo Tennis Gaeta” and the use – God forbid – is legitimate. The structure, then, is regularly approved and the offices of the municipality of Gaeta “constantly function in absolute legality, respecting the objectives set by the municipal administration.”

Hence the decision of the lawyer of the temporary group of companies, which is still waiting for knows the result of a pending appeal before the TAR for the adjudication of the new facility built with an endowment from Credito Sportivo, write to Dr. De Filippis (as well as to the police station) to request a copy of a series of administrative documents. The certificate of completion of the works with the corresponding test act aimed at usability stands out; the contracts for the provision of services related to gas and electricity, the certification that no one pays the Rate or equivalent tax and there is no registration as a taxpayer; the certificate of approval of the sports facilities by the Coni. But, above all, the lawyer Carfagna, together with his colleague Giuseppe Matarazzo, tries to bring water to his mill by asking for a copy of the request submitted by the Circolo Tennis Gaeta in relation to the public notice that, provided for by executive decision n . 476, of May 26, 2021, ordered the municipality of Gaeta to make its facilities available to the city’s sports clubs for the 2021-2022 season.

Did the “Circolo Tennis Gaeta” association use this temporary tender to benefit from the availability of a structure that is part of a procedure that is far from concluding with an appeal from one of the two participants that is still being defined at the technical and administrative level? ? Is there a withdrawal authorization measure issued by the municipality to the Circolo Tennis Gaeta to leave the historic fields of via Annunziata?

The lawyers Carfagna and Matarazzo take note of the letter from the manager De Filippis, according to which the management of the “Citadel del Tenis” has not been granted in concession to the “Circolo Tennis Gaeta” association, but they anticipate another rain of requests from the which formalized an ordinary request for access to documents. In the first place, what are the modalities, “in a broad sense”, of use by third parties of the sports facility that has just been completed? What is the rate to be paid indicating the Iban code useful for payment? The request that may interest the Commissioner of Police appears at the end of the letter sent (“having a legitimate interest”) by the lawyers Carfagna and Matarazzo to the manager De Filippis: “But the Circolo Tennis Gaeta sent extensive correspondence to the Municipality of Gaeta to request the conclusion of the bidding procedure still in force for the concession of the Tennis Citadel?

Naturally, the temporary grouping of companies formed by the sports association “Obiettivo sport” and “Asd Marem Subacquea” also questioned the new general secretary of the municipality of Gaeta Patrizia Cinquanta, appointed by Mayor Mitrano to replace lawyer Marra. He did so to find out who was responsible for the procedure, the competent Office or Offices and the deadline for the response, underlining “the responsibilities linked to and known by the SS.VV.” The lawyers Carfagna and Matarazzo inform the police station that the issue cannot be addressed after the local elections on June 12: “It would be desirable that the documents requested in a broad sense with the aforementioned complaint/warning be released without any delay, paying the corresponding rights and fees.” Paradoxically, a few weeks ago the opposite had happened. When the police station had begun to investigate the management of the “Tennis Citadel” it had turned to the former municipal secretary Marra who had launched an internal investigation but, struggling to circumscribe an obvious embarrassment, had turned to Carfagna’s lawyer: “If you can help provide the papers the police ask me for. The dog chasing his own tail. In the municipality of Gaeta.

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