Galderisi remembers the years in the MLS: “Unique experience and Valderrama…”

In recent years I Italian players in MLS They have always been protagonists. From the MLS Cup from Giovinco with Toronto to experience NYCFC from Andrea Pirlogoing through the friend of Paolo Tornaghi between Chicago and Vancouver, then “goalkeeper of the year” Vito Mannone in Minnesota and antonio nocerino in Orlando and Mancosu in Montreal. Players who, for different reasons, have chosen America at a time when football is growing strongly after the champions phase at the end of their careers, also chosen by the various Nesta, Corradi and Di Vaio always in Montreal.

There are also those who tell the story of the new football, the one relaunched in 1996 with major league soccer and with the 1994 World Cup, he wanted to do it at first. We are talking about Walter Zenga, Roberto Donadoni, Caricola and Giuseppe Galderisi. The former striker for Juventus, Verona and Milan, among others, spoke about his years in MLS, in 1996 and 1997, live on

Galderisi remembered those moments between New England Revolution and Tampa Bay Mutiny at the dawn of football: “Beautiful experience. I was still young, I was 32 years old, I was in the prime of my strength and career. It was a wonderful experience, thanks to alex lalas, who played with me in Padua. One afternoon he called me: ‘Mls resumes, after so many years, in March. Come with me?’. It was 1996, before December, he was the man in the picture. And I made a wonderful choice.”

A choice that led him to wear the New England Revolution shirt along with his former Padua teammate, Alexi Lalas: “I lived in Boston, I played for the New England Revolution, but things weren’t going very well. and then i went to tampa bay. Perfect, a bargain for the weather. How to go from Turin to Catania, two opposite worlds. I enjoy it myself. We had a great team: Thomas Rongen as coach, who is now a showman, and then he was Carlos Valderrama“.

The Colombian champion is an icon remembered throughout the world both for his talent and for that unmistakable hair that made him even more famous in USA ’94: “Every time I saw him play for Italy I thought ‘Ma is going to due all’ Now’ And in fact he was going two an hour, but when he played behind me and Roy Lassiter, who was then going to Genoa, he sent us on goal. I looked for the blond with a header, gave him the ball and moved accordingly. And he returned me the ball with the rev counter. steve ralston, among the best players in America at the time. We lost to DC United in the semifinals. But it was a unique experience, a completely different culture and I had also thought about getting a green card. And with Zenga, then I started to be a coach: he is a player coach, I in second position. And I started with him.”

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