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It’s hard to be a rookie in a world as complex as the NFL., I recognize it; it’s difficult to immediately understand the rules and dynamics of the game, it’s incredibly difficult to get a precise idea of ​​why one team won over another, what one team lacked to take home the sweaty victory, and if you want to have a better overview, understand what pieces, or even just the piece, are missing in a franchise to compete for the Super Bowl: in short, The first few months as an NFL fan are by no means easy and often risk pushing the frustrated and discouraged fan into abandonment.

One of the most underestimated aspects and that in a certain sense always goes unnoticed concerns which team to cheer for: without -in most cases- being able to count on the indispensable territorial link, how do you choose which team you are going to give the tachycardia to?
Why one instead of another?
Of course, you can always opt for the Christian Democrat option of not cheering for any team to enjoy the show in a philosophically disinterested way, but make no mistake, the experiences we remember in our lives are those in which we have invested emotionally and have been able to bring us joy or despair: how can such emotions be experienced if the outcome of every game, even the Super Bowl, is devoid of any connection to the possible “favorite team”?
You simply can’t.

Loving the NFL without rooting for, or at least sympathizing with, a team would dilute the impact that those magnificent five months of the championship we are able to have in our existence so I think it is necessary to resort to repairs as soon as possible: the purpose of this article will be to help you choose your favorite teamthe team that will ruin or beautify your Sundays, as well as the team that will lighten your wallet because after all we are in the 21st century and one thing you don’t like is if you don’t throw money at us for merchandising.

Today we will conclude the journey started a few days ago by focusing on the 16 teams that bring the NFC to life (here you can read the AFC).


chicago bears

Why should you encourage them? It is very difficult to find a franchise with the same history and tradition: an encyclopedia could be written about the Chicago Bears in volumes with the risk of being defined as rough and rough.
Despite the incredible history, they have never been able to find a quarterback of the first -or at least very first- level and that is why the poor fans have lived in the worst possible conditions, that of the perennial uncertainty of the quarterback – eh ? -: I already told you, in the NFL it’s getting harder and harder to win without a strong quarterback and it’s not that they haven’t tried, on the contrary, they’ve just never been able to find one.
Now, with Justin Fields on the roster, the future of the Chicago Bears finally looks promising, however it is necessary to remember – I do not want the many fans – that Mitch Trubisky should have been the one too, but …
Rooting for the Bears isn’t easy, especially if you’re someone with some historical awareness: they, to conclude, for thirty years have watched their archenemies, the Packers, helplessly line up two of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game. that, instead, they give them a fish in the face.

Character traits needed to cheer them up: Anger, patience, disappointment, cynicism, resentment, and an absurdly broad back.

Famous fans: Barack Obama, Ashton Kutcher, Bill Murray, Jeff Garlin, Vince Vaughn, Dwyane Wade.

Fans inside the newsroom: Alex Cavaton.

Player who will help you cheer her up: Khalil Mack and the hope in Justin Fields.

Deductible Prestige: Very high. The Chicago Bears, together with a team that we will see shortly, are the history – they deliberately capitalize on it – of the NFL and whatever happens in the future without their contribution this league would not be what it is.

Ease of animating: Under. Despite the prestige, the 21st century for the Bears has been marked by an endless series of disappointments, especially when it comes to quarterbacks: the hope, which they say is the last to die, is that Justin Fields can become who relieves any pain. of ventilators and deductible. Cheering Bears is no easy feat and is bad for your health in the long run.

Detroit Lions

Why should you encourage them? Because in the other half of the article I repeatedly praised the aesthetics of bad luck, that is, that set of canons that make our own bad luck and that of others extremely pleasant and totalizing, eliminating the exclusively negative conception that we give to pain and how : The Detroit Lions aren’t unlucky in the literal sense of the word, any more than they’re dysfunctional and toxic at the level of the Jets, but they are those in a single franchise that have found a way to fit us all into the worst characteristics of the other 31 NFL teams, thus giving us situations year after year too hilarious not to say goodbye with a smile.
The Lions could brag about two of the best players in the history of the game — receiver Calvin Johnson and running back Barry Sanders — only to exasperate them into retiring early when, realistically, both could have played very high levels for as long as they could. minus another three seasons: It’s easy to see that the air isn’t exactly healthy in Michigan and that, one way or another, they’ll always find an original way to blow away years of hard — and sometimes good — work.
The lions are a cursed franchise.
No, but seriously, it is not the classic final hyperbole itself born only to plagiarize your judgment as it is said that the things that are most remembered from an article are the first and the last: justice for development.

Character traits needed to cheer them up: Dysfunctionality, lack of social skills, love of bad luck aesthetics.

Famous fans: Kid Rock, Eminem, Keegan-Michael Key, Bob Seger.

Fans inside the newsroom: /

Player who will help you cheer her up: No one yet, but that’s the point.

Deductible Prestige: Hard. Many negative concepts are attributed to the Detroit Lions as one of the most inept teams on the American sports scene, as well as those that exasperate legends to the point of forcing them to retire at unbelievable ages, but if you are a lover of the aesthetics of the bad luck…

Ease of animating: High. With Lions, the bar is so low that one insignificant ten-plus championship win can put a stupid smile on your face for an entire month.

Green Bay Packers

Why should you encourage them? I’m not rooting for the Green Bay Packers, I have to tell you this, because in the next few lines you could easily deduce the exact opposite.
The Green Bay Packers, despite the excessively tumultuous last few months, are in my opinion the perfect franchise: the Packers are literally people (after this article I recommend you read this), they can boast objectively the most beautiful jerseys in the league because en I knew that with yellow and green in between, making mistakes is difficult.
To call them “historic” would be an understatement, without them the NFL would never have become the colossus it is today, they have a tradition as a quarterback that the poor Bears would sacrifice several family members for, they carry on some of the most beautiful traditions. you can know as the Family night -training in the stadium open to the public, not a demonstration of the extreme right in defense of the traditional family-, the Lambeau Leap for which after each touchdown at home the scorer launches himself in the middle of the fans: these, to convey the idea of the osmotic relationship between the city and the team, they travel the path that separates the changing rooms from the training ground on children’s bicycles and, of course, the small owner of the vehicle.
I personally recommend them.

Character traits needed to cheer them up: Pride, historical awareness, open mind to embrace a militant paganism and transform the team into their new religion.

Famous fans: Justin Timberlake, Jodie Foster, Lil Wayne, James Van Der Beek, Ryan Reynolds, Ellen DeGeneres, Joan Jett.

Fans inside the newsroom: Luca Belli.

Player who will help you cheer her up: Aaron Rodgers, though…

Deductible Prestige: Very high. Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are American football, they are the NFL. Is it a coincidence that the trophy that is given to the winning team of the Super Bowl each year bears the name of one of his former coaches? Neh.

Ease of animating: High *********. Don’t worry, the asterisks are not a typo But a simple warning: Next year, almost certainly, there will be no more Aaron Rodgers, and for a few months it will be hard to say for sure about the Green Bay Packers without Aaron Rodgers.

minnesota vikings

Why should you encourage them? I came very close to cheering for the Vikings because, in the years when the NFL was synonymous with Madden NFL for me, playing Brett Favre’s Minnesota Vikings was a heavenly experience because, aside from the fact that Madden was still a level game , or at least, playable – One of the deepest and highest quality rosters in the league was available: in full Vikings style, however, in 2009 the arrival at the Super Bowl was skipped by a brain fart by Favre who committed one of the most inexplicable mistakes in NFL history threw an interception. when a gain of five to six yards would have been enough to put the kicker in position to kick the victory square.
This is the Minnesota Vikings, a team that has been able to boast of some of the best players of all time but has never reached the end due to mistakes that came punctually at the worst possible time: they are not the typical team that does not has a Super Bowl on its bulletin board because perpetually incompetent and inept, far from it, are the ones who are always on the wrong side of history when an NFL miracle happens, with few exceptions.
They’re also necessary, mind you, even if they’ve apparently decided to become the meeting place for all non-vaccines in the NFL.

Character traits needed to cheer them up: Patience, wisdom, stoicism, the ability to charge and keep turning the other cheek.

Famous fans: Chris Jericho, Prince, Josh Duhamel, Nick Swardson.

Fans inside the newsroom: Alexander Taraschi.

Player who will help you cheer her up: Justin Jefferson.

Deductible Prestige: Average height. Like all other franchises in this division, they can boast a prestigious past, even if they are the best team in history to never win a Super Bowl: in short, the Buffalo Bills who have decided to go after several generations instead of getting angry. one- that, however, he could count on the psychological support that grunge gave him in his golden years.

Ease of animating: Under. Alessandro Taraschi -and I’m not kidding here- is one of the people I respect the most in the world and I’m happy to have known him for only a year because seeing him, week after week, losing hope -he already drops before the start of the championship – and the desire was painful. A hug Ale.

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