“He is becoming the new James Harden, and that is not a good thing”

James Harden is a great player, but he also has big flaws. One analyst, however, says a Western superstar is looking more and more like him, particularly in an area that isn’t reassuring for Dallas.

With a 2-0 lead going into Game 3 at home, the Mavs are beginning to run out of options to extend their playoff run. The Suns are simply too strong for them, sweeping them in particular in second-round money time (129-109, 40 points allowed in the fourth quarter). It’s all the more frustrating Luka Doncić he is struggling to reverse the trend, averaging 40 points, 8.5 rebounds and 7.5 assists during the series.

The Slovenian is therefore stratospheric offensively, but he is much more complicated on the other side of the field and took the sauce in front of Chris Paul at the end of Game 2. It must be said that he plays a lot, and that has consequences for his form as he closes out games. Colin Cowherd of fox sports broached the subject of El Matador recently and explained that he sees a lot of similarities with another NBA superstar:

Luka Doncic systematically attacked by Phoenix late in the game

james harden He was obviously amazing scoring, but he had a problem: he had so much possession of the ball, he made so many contacts that he was exhausted at the end of the game. Suddenly it became a problem for him to defend because opposing teams knew they could attack him since he couldn’t follow anymore.

Is Luka Doncic becoming the Mavs version of James Harden, an even bigger version? He always has the ball, he also initiates a lot of contacts and plays a lot of minutes, and he scores 30-35 points without the slightest effort. But by the end of the match, he is bone dry and his opponents attack him by targeting him on defense. Chris Paul did that a lot in Game 2.

The number 77 has improved a lot in this sector this season, it is no longer just a cone. However, anyone with a game volume like his is bound to end games on the kneecaps, even more so if he has to chase the scoreboard. Result, CP3 & co. have a little fun with it, as we have seen with this controversial sequence in a press conference. Despite his offensive prowess, Halleluka may not be enough to get the Mavs to the conference finals.

Luka Doncic is the consistent target of the Suns defense at money time as he is completely burned out. Indeed, he is very reminiscent of the James Harden case … The Texans really have to find a solution, they are almost against the wall.

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