“He is the last person the Lakers need”

Still on the hunt for a coach, the Lakers are particularly tied to one candidate in particular. But is it a good option or a bad idea? In any case, a famous analyst has expressed serious doubts on the subject.

More than a month after firing Frank Vogel, a roster manager for three seasons, the Lakers remain without a coach. It must be said that the work in question is not a piece of cake, given the very high expectations. Therefore, some franchise targets did not show much enthusiasm, and the latter suffered a new unpleasant blow to the market, recently. That doesn’t help at all…

Among the remaining candidates, however, there is also Mark Jackson, a great favorite of LeBron James to become the new Californian conductor. Nevertheless, rumors indicate that the leaders would not necessarily be convinced, and Skip Bayless wasn’t surprised. Indeed, if he claims that the commentator on ESPN is completely credible, the analyst of fox sports Do not think that it is the profile sought in the City of Angels:

Mark Jackson incompatible with the needs of the Lakers?

I love Mark Jackson as a coach, but I think he would be a nightmare for the Los Angeles Lakers… Mark Jackson is old school, the last one they need. He is his own man, with a “do it my way or I’m out” mentality. He was caught off guard by the Warriors’ management because he told them, “leave me alone.” They had repeated problems because he told them to work on his side and he on his.

The way the dysfunctional Lakers family works, they need a puppet coach. Jeanie Buss at the top, Kurt Rambis and Phil Jackson at the side… you need someone who can work without complaint under Rambis and Jackson. This is how it goes on top. That’s why they went to the assistant coaches first, they’re easier to influence.

Fact is, Jackson is known to be a hardhead who doesn’t appreciate us walking on his flower beds, even if it means drawing the wrath of his front office. This is what his job in the Bay cost him, taking advantage of Golden State to recruit Steve Kerr and start his dynasty. However, with “special advisors” who like to be in control of the Purple and Gold game, I’m not sure the person in question would see it well… and the franchise clearly doesn’t want any more drama.

Skip Bayless says it out loud, Mark Jackson is not what the Lakers need right now. What will happen remains to be seen, but we can expect sparks if the Tactician lands in the City of Angels anyway…

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