“He’s even more clutch than Jordan and Kobe, that’s all”

“He’s even more clutch than Jordan and Kobe, that’s all”

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Often hailed in the Top 5 of all time, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are also regularly found in the all-time top player rankings. However, a legend has decided to snub them for this title, attributing it to a star of our era!

As a model and disciple, or as a reference and a pale copy depending on how you look at it, it is logical, ultimately, that they acted in the same fields. Michael Jordan Y Kobe Bryant featured games in many similar ways, but they also shared a rock-solid composure. An asset that allowed them to be present at the big moments.

Thanks to their relentless work and bravery, both of them had a habit of attempting the decisive shots for their teams, and very often scoring them. It’s no wonder, then, that they are considered by many observers to be two of the greatest players of all time. Also a reference in the matter, Robert Horry, however, denies them first place, which he willingly offers to a current killer!

Lillard more clutch than Jordan and Kobe for Robert Horry

Author of a multitude of winning games in his career, Horry recently delivered his top 5 in terms of “extremity” on the podcast. the crossing. A ranking in which it does not appear for a good reason:

I often get asked the question, so my Top 5 is done, and I’m not including myself because I should be at the top of the list, but all of these guys I’m going to quote had or have systems designed. for them and the ball throughout the match. I had no right to that, and it’s different! It’s totally different.

Indeed, having been able to lock your sights for the first 47 minutes of a match can have its advantages when attempting a decisive shot. Big Shot Rob did not have this privilege, and had to register his only attempts or almost in the most tense moments. Once this clarification was made, he was able to deliver his ranking, in which he gives a place of honor… to Damian Lillard!

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Steph Curry, and the last one is probably number 1 on this list: Damian Lillard. And I know people are going to say, “Damian Lillard? But he didn’t win anything! Except they forget that he hit a game-winning shot against every team in the NBA. Think about it: against all teams! So even though he has a lot of walks tossing during games, Damian Lillard is on my list.

With his series of career big shots, and in particular his two “series winners” against the Rockets and Thunder, Lillard is arguably the most decisive player of his generation. On the other hand, putting him ahead of Jordan and Kobe in history is probably more surprising. But after all, it’s hard to take back from the great Robert Horry when he talks about decisive shots!

Robert Horry affirms it: Damian Lillard would be more of a clutch than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. A hot shot that shouldn’t fail to turn heads in the NBA community!

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