“Him? I’ll give Chris Rock a Will Smith live show.”

The altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock on the Oscars set is already legendary, and it’s slowly becoming a threat across the Atlantic. The test, a great personality of the NBA microcosm could suffer the same fate as the comedian.

Stephen A. Smith is an important figure in the NBA microcosm, as he is arguably the most listened to consultant in all of the United States. He is not necessarily the one who best knows or deciphers the NBA game, sometimes he gets carried away by his undisguised love for the Knicks, but he is the most important voice of ESPN, the largest sports outlet in the world.

And if he is so popular, it is because he does not hesitate to say everything he thinks with conviction and determination, even on unlikely topics. A few days ago, for example, he did not hesitate to explain to the entire country why the Lakers had to trade LeBron James this summer. The King is perhaps one of the most untouchable players, and yet the consultant sees things differently.

Stephon Marbury threatens Stephen A. Smith

Unfortunately, Stephen A. Smith’s inimitable style isn’t to everyone’s taste, and a few days ago he was attacked by former Knicks Stephon Marbury for some sarcastic comments about Kyrie Irving. The Brooklyn native obviously didn’t appreciate that the Nets point guard was called the most disconnected player of all time. His response was scathing on social media.

We see one of the biggest guys on the planet.

In the United States, an Uncle Tom designates an African American willing to do anything to please the white population, even denying himself to his community, which is one of the worst possible insults. And Stephon Marbury did not stop there, since he also threatened the ESPN consultant in another tweet. Obviously, he wouldn’t be against reproducing the discussion between Will Smith and Chris Rock on the set of the last Oscars.

Internet user: I agree with Marbury and what he said about Stephen A. Smith. My question is, when is he going to beat someone like Will Smith into Chris Rock? His body is too weak 😖

Stephen Marbury: That happen

Stephon Marbury and Stephen A. Smith have been at odds for years, and their rivalry has intensified once again. Let’s hope the former Knicks point guard’s threats don’t get out of the Twitter frame anyway.

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