“His tennis is impressive”

After last week’s semi-final reached a Madridlost against Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas is ready to take to the field in another European capital, that of the Bel Paese. The Greek player, seeded number 4, will face in the second round the winner between Brandon Nakashima Y Grigor Dimitrov.

In today’s press conference, the Greek tennis player reflected on the different game conditions between Madrid and Rome and added some certificates of esteem towards Carlos Alcarazthe fittest tennis player of the moment.

Tsitsipas: “There is a lot of competition in our generation”

Tsitsipas said that, at this point in the season on clay, he was feeling good, despite recent difficulties in Madrid. “I feel good.

It was a bit difficult to play at that altitude. I will not lie. Not just for me, but for most players. Going back to tennis at sea level, I feel more comfortable. So far my feelings are good..

I can’t wait to start again in Rome and see where I can go”, said the Greek. On the differences between the surface of Monte Carlo and that of Rome, the number 5 in the world replied: “I think they are quite similar.

I didn’t have the privilege of winning in Rome, but I can only answer once I have. I really don’t know. As for the fields, I would say that they are similar. There is not a big difference. I think Madrid was something that caught me a little off guard.

The playing fields looked like a bit of dust on top of the clay. I had a knee problem that only happened to me in Madrid, it only happened to me twice in Madrid. It’s kind of a different surface.

I still like it, to be honest. I’m not sorry.” Tsitsipas then dedicated a few words of esteem to Alcaraz. “His tennis is very impressive. I think he puts a lot of energy into every take.

He is fast. He has a good reaction time. Read the game well. It inspires me a lot. I really want to be like him. I admire you. I know he is at a young and early stage in his career. It can get big in no time.

I would really like to get to the level he is at now. I think he is one of the best players in the world, to be honest. He has shown it with consistent results, thriving in the biggest tournaments,” the Greek replied.

As for the problems faced Novak Djokovic Y Daniel Medvedev this year the Greek was asked if he feels a goal closer than the one from the first place in the ranking. “Well, let’s not forget that Djokovic has almost three Grand Slam titles from last year that he still has points for.

Sure, I mean, he’s a consistent player. I don’t think it will cost him to be consistent this year. He proved it over and over again. My competition, I said, is with many players.

It’s not just with two or three players. There is a lot of competition in our generation, there will be many included in a list that can change. Hopefully I can really stay the same, consistent and focused, the way I’ve been trying for the last two years.

We have great players. The competition is getting very high. The expectations are also getting bigger and bigger,” Tsitsipas said. Continuing with Alcaraz: “Some older kids would take it personally. But it looks like he’s very hungry..

He plays very calm and hungry, as if he had nothing to lose. It reminds me a bit of my early days when I was included on the ATP Tour, I didn’t really know what to expect along the way. I was just playing casually, with a completely free spirit.

It is a beautiful thing to see. But of course that comes with a lot of responsibility and you have to be able to handle it well. I’m sure it will be. I don’t see why it shouldn’t. But with him in most draws, it’s getting even more difficult.

I will definitely have to work harder to get the results I have always wanted.“. Finally, Tsitsipas commented on Zverev’s recent complaints, who criticized the choice of the Madrid organization to end the programming overnight.

According to the Greek tennis player: “It is very clear: women should have played first. They have a final to play. People are there to see the final. I’m pretty sure they’d like to start with that, then the rest of the games, obviously sooner than planned.

To be honest with you, I wasn’t happy either. I went to bed that night at almost 3:00 am. This destroys your rhythm when you have a tournament to play in Rome next week. I had to get up early today, which doesn’t make it very easy, as you can imagine.

There are many theories behind this. This is not the time for me to argue or anything. Certain agencies and certain companies organize tournaments, so I don’t want to say more. Let’s hope it’s not to benefit what they want to benefit. I don’t know. I have no answer on this,” Tsitsipas concluded.

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