Huge disappointment for the Blazers, Damian Lillard’s viral reaction

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As some prepare to play in the conference finals, Damian Lillard has long known that his American will not be in the race for the title. On the other hand, they were in the race for the 1st pick in the next Draft, but the miracle did not happen. A disappointment for the leader

Damian Lillard he’s not the type to complain, all fans have understood that for a long time. “Stuck” in a franchise that will seriously fight to claim the title for years to come, the point guard refuses to pack his bags for a team much further along in its rebuilding process, which is rare enough these days to be underlined.

And it’s even more remarkable that he got to see the pleasure his former partner CJ McCollum took in New Orleans after his trade at the trade deadline. He found himself in a young and ambitious team, and with the return of a Zion Williamson sharp as everthe sky appears to be the limit for the franchise and the former Blazers fullback.

Damian Lillard depressed before the 7th pick in the Draft

Far from this emotion and this enthusiasm, Damian Lillard had to go to the set of the Draft Lottery on Tuesday to discover the place of Portland during the great evening next June. He was probably expecting a nice surprise, a position that would have allowed him to find his new partner, but no. The All-Star’s header speaks volumes about his disappointment.

For his first non-playoff season in nearly 10 years, Damian Lillard won’t even have the luxury of receiving a top pick in the Draft, as his Blazers will take the No. 7 pick next June. A place that obviously does not belong to the All-Star point guard, who quickly took his head in his hands, a universal sign of disappointment… It must be said that he probably expected to receive help from another exceptional talent…

But if he could hope for better, Dame should know that seventh place is historically good. Last season, the Warriors, for example, drafted Jonathan Kuminga, who became the youngest starter in playoff history and who will play a crucial role over Luka Doncic in the conference final. And that’s not all, because Stephen CurryJulius Randle and Jamal Murray were also brought into this position.

The situation of the Blazers is not ideal, far from it, but it does not condemn this franchise to several difficult seasons either. With this seventh choice of Drought, the leaders could well find a talent capable of supporting Damian Lillard.

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