Hugo Besson is wreaking havoc, his rating keeps going up!

At the beginning of the season, observers expected more Ismael Kamagate or Ousmane Dieng… But in the end, it is Hugo Besson who will approach the Draft with the status of the most impressive young Frenchman. During the traditional Combine, the former Saint-Quentin destroyed everything in his path!

Let’s be honest, few people knew Hugo Besson before the season. So obviously French basketball fans and more particularly Pro B knew the young fullback had talent – he was the top scorer in the championship last year – but even they must have been surprised by his explosion in Australia with Sky Sports Breakers.

Unlike his compatriot and teammate Ousmane Dieng, who came to Oceania as part of the “Next Stars” program, which offers an exorbitant salary to promising youngsters who want to discover the professional world before trying their luck in the NBA, the former Saint-Quentin didn’t get the star tag right away, he had to get it with exceptional performances.

Hugo Besson is a hit at the Draft Combine

Thanks to his express progress, the young Frenchman was invited by the NBA to the Draft Combine, this important meeting for players who aspire to join the big leagues. The prospects follow a series of tests, exercises, play friendly matches before the eyes of the scouts, hoping to increase their grades… In the first days of the event, Hugo Besson is very much in their favor.

During this long-distance shooting exercise, Hugo Besson stood out with a wonderful 22/27, quite exceptional for a player not used to American courts. In Australia, as in Europe, the 3-point line is closer to the basket, but the Frenchman did not allow himself to be destabilized by these new dimensions. And that’s not all, as he also showed all of his talent in prospect bouts. In particular, he scored on NCAA star Drew Timme.

Hugo Besson was very skillful on the shot during this first day of the Combine, he was very aggressive in attacking the rim, which must have pleased the observers. But to get even higher, he will have to work hard on defense and show his skills on the pitch.

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