“I am so happy that Frank Ntilikina has taken his place in the rotation”

To the absent subscribers for a few weeks, Frank Ntilikina came out of nowhere to lend a hand to his team, against the Suns. Sure enough, the Frenchman has been moved up the rotation, and it works! Fans are, in any case, delighted on Twitter.

Like its fiscal year 2021-22, the playing time of Frank Ntilikina in the playoffs it’s anything but constant. Despite the absence of Luka Doncić in the middle of the first round against Utah, the young leader did not step on the field for a second against Rudy Gobert and others. Between this series and the last game of the regular season against the Spurs, the French international went seven games without playing… Fortunately, all that changed with the conference semifinals.

In fact, after two games without much presence (6 minutes total), the former Knicks was able to intervene in a slightly more substantial way against Devin Booker & co. Promoted to rotation, notably performed as a watchdog against the best opposing attackers, knowing how to be sticky in man-to-man. If all this was done to the detriment of one teammate in particular, the local supporters fully approved of the coach’s tactical choice:

Frank Ntilikina preferred Josh Green against Phoenix

I’m so glad Jason Kidd made an adjustment and started playing Frank Ntilikina instead of Josh Green.

Frank Ntilikina getting Josh Green’s minutes has been a HUGE boost in this series. Congratulations to Kidd.

Much more used off the bench than the French Prince with 67 games played in the regular season (15.5 minutes played), the second-year guard, however, struggled once the postseason began. However, despite his fickleness, Franky Smokes has the experience of great moments thanks to FIBA ​​and the French team. He is therefore better mentally prepared for pressure and it didn’t take him long to show it. The icing on the cake, he was handy for the only offensive caper of his, with this big shot in the third quarter:

Not making waves, Frank Ntilikina has remained valuable through two games, coinciding with the Mavs’ return to form. The Habs are on display at best, enough to allow them to once again solidify their place in the Texan rotation.

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