“I don’t look at Durant and say ‘he’s the best player on the court'”

Nothing is going now for Kevin Durant, who is back against the wall in the playoffs with Brooklyn. On top of that, the 2014 MVP is slowly losing the trust of observers… One scout notably said that if he had the chance, he’d turn down the Slim Reaper for another end of the East.

He may be one of the best players on the planet, Kevin Durant He didn’t really give the impression of it in this first round of the playoffs. Ultra-awkward in the first two games against the Celtics, the winger then went transparent in scoring (16 points) in Game 3, losing 109-103. At the same time, a player who plays in the same position as the Verdiblancos is causing a sensation against him: Jayson Tatum.

Author of 39 points and 6 steals in the last game, the former Duke has a superb streak with 29.7 units on average, accompanied by almost 8 rebounds and 5 assists on average. The number 0 is already part of the elite of the NBA, and there are not many people who are not convinced of what he shows night after night. asked by the athleticAn anonymous scout bluntly said he preferred him over his Nets counterpart:

NBA scout prefers Jayson Tatum over Kevin Durant

I don’t think we’re dealing with an old Durant. What we’re witnessing is Tatum, Brown and this group coming into their prime, while Durant is in his late prime. I mean, obviously I think most people think that if you rate his career, Durant is a better player than Tatum, especially at only 24 years old.

If nothing else, it’s the track record that separates them. But if you gave me the choice of which one to keep from now on, I wouldn’t be convinced at all. For me, if you watch the game and you don’t know who these guys are, I don’t look at Durant and say, “He’s the best player on the floor.” I’m not sure Tatum isn’t the best.

The overhaul will likely surprise a lot of people, especially the Slim Reaper fanbase. However, it’s common knowledge that JT is called for big things, with Bean Town’s position 3 bursting with talent. Disciple of Kobe Bryant, he became a world-class scorer without limiting himself to this simple role, also developing his aerial game. So many qualities that please the observers, and Paul Pierce had a similar speech on Twitter:

I think Jason Tatum may be overtaking Kevin Durant before our eyes in the NBA pecking order.

Jayson Tatum better than Kevin Durant? We’re probably not there yet, but the No. 0 Celtics are already on the right track. If he can make a big playoff run, this will in any case have the effect of integrating him a little more into the NBA…

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