“I don’t look at the rankings, I just want to improve” – ​​Tennis Circus

Julius Zeppyerisaying “Full“, He started playing tennis at the age of 5, together with his brother Giorgio, now a boxer. Starting in 2010, she began working with Piero Melaranci, thus beginning a relationship that only ended this season. In the youth process, he is always among the best in his category: he reacheseighth place European sub-14 and the first under 16 years old. At the Junior level he reaches position 12, reached on March 18, 2019, the year in which he decides to become a professional.

Musetti and Zeppieri after the AO Junior semi-final in 2019

The favorite Slams are the US Open and, as expected, the favorite surface is the concrete. All confirmed by the numbers, with the 73% win rate on hard at the Junior level, in which he won the semi-final at the australian open. He is then defeated by another Italian, namely Lorenzo Musetti, who will also win the title on that occasion.

However, ever since he took the Pro license, he has been playing many more games on earth and with a higher profit rate than concrete. His appearances on the major circuit also took place on clay: Cagliari 2020 and last week the first Master 1000 level match in Rome Internationals, from the playoffs. after beating Alex Molcan Y maximum cressysurrenders in the first round against Karen Khachanov.

Giulio Zeppieri (Photo Adelchi Fioriti)

And it is precisely from the emotions felt when stepping on the fields of the capital that our interview with Julius Zeppierthe. For him, it can be said, the true home tournament was born in Latina. “Incredible sensations. I felt at homeespecially with the audience of the Pietrangeli. The last qualifying match was very special and exciting for me.“He said.

The next appointment for him will be the qualifying rounds Paris (where he already took home his first win against Andreas Seppi), but more generally he specified how the calendar picks are made. Is it better to play smaller tournaments with “easy” points or bigger tournaments to improve and gain experience? To this dilemma that grips many young tennis players who face the big circuit, he replied: “I will try to play where my team and I create best. Now the Roland Garros qualifiers and then to see. We are not looking at the points, we are just trying to improve and work hard.“.

As the next chapter, the influence of pandemic in his personal and ranking growth: “I think the pandemic has not slowed down that much. I think that everyone has their times and that is why it is normal that maybe it is still a little late“.

Undoubtedly, men’s blue tennis is experiencing a rosy moment, with Matthew Berrettini Y Jannik Sinner as prominent names. Precisely about the growth of the movement, the tennis player declared: “I think all the boys have been on a crazy journey. We too, who are a moment behind, want to climb with more motivation and more desire because we also see other boys who have achieved it.“.

Giulio Zeppieri (Photo Adelchi Fioriti)

The mental aspect is becoming more and more important in circuit matches. Therefore, in addition to the physical and technical preparation, the mental one should not be underestimated at all. Zeppo thinks so too: “The preparation level the mind matters a lot. I don’t do any rituals, but in any case we prepare the matches well and try to do a good job every time.“.

This year the goal is not to qualify, but just to play: keep playing my game and try make it more and more mine to get better. And then improve ranking accordingly.”- adds Giulio, outlining a clear idea in mind, namely continuous improvement, now that he is still young, to allow him to achieve more and more prestigious results in the future.

Finally, a question about who are your tennis idols that inspired you the most and who do you think is the best tennis player of all time. “all three inspired me big 3. I think there is no better in the middle roger, rapha Y nole right now because I think all three are on the same level“.

And it is that, although Zeppo does not look at the ranking, it is impossible not to scroll in the ranking to find his name. The first goal, the Top 200, is getting closer. A great luck for the future of our editorial team. Let’s cheer you up!

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