“I want to be the new Johnny Cage!”

One thing everyone missed in the first Mortal Kombat movie, of course, was the presence of Johnny Cage. Now there’s a WWE Superstar who has publicly admitted that she’s already training to try and get cast to play the Mortal Kombat braggart.

We already know that a second movie of the universe of this fighting game is in the phase of production with Jeremy Slater in charge of writing the script. But otherwise, beyond imagining that perhaps the characters that survived the first movie will be played by the actors themselves, it’s mist Acute pain.

WWE Superstar steps forward: “I want to be the new Johnny Cage!” (photo: NetherRealm)

And that’s why it becomes Interesting even when a WWE champion, Mike “The Miz” Mizaninin an interview with a wrestling podcast openly declares wanting to play this character. The reason why Miz seems obsessed with Johnny Cage is twofold in our opinion: one is explained by himself in the interview, and the second is the fact that he closely resembles the Mortal Kombat character. So being a fighter, he starts at least a little ahead.

“I’m training to do the splits! Let me do Johnny Cage”

Actually, the fact that Miz wants it or not play Johnny Cage is a story that we have been carrying since the film, released in the midst of the pandemic, became a media phenomenon. In fact, last year, in another interview with another newspaper, the wrestling champion had said having found himself transformed into a trend topic up Twitter as everyone had started writing in a frenzy that they wanted to see him take on the role of Johnny Cage in the Mortal Kombat sequel. And he didn’t repeat it twice and started to train because everyone knows what the iconic moves of the Mortal Kombat character are.

The WWE superstar comes out:
WWE Superstar steps forward: “I want to be the new Johnny Cage!” (photo: youtube)

And always in that previous interview the wrestling champion also has established, something like the new messiah of Netflix, Henry Cavill, to be a big fan own of the game. Another point in your favor. And then we get to the updates about the transformation into Johnny Cage. The new interview, posted on the podcast Out of place by Ryan Satin played several songs, including the Johnny Cage theme.

The wrestling champion has reaffirmed stay working For him pull apart and for me kicks, particularly those performed by the Mortal Kombat character at the time he is introduced. He even remembered a trainer he had already worked with in order to be as mimetic as possible. when they say take work seriously. Whether it will be Mike Mizanin’s turn to play Johnny Cage remains to be seen, but we’d cast him solely on the commitment shown.

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