“If I could, I would trade him for Frank Ntilikina”

In clear progression over two games, Frank Ntilikina sees his rating rise with NBA fans. One of them even asked to be sued by his favorite franchise! That said, it’s mostly about getting rid of a specific player at the bottom of the hole in the playoffs.

If he especially made people talk about him with his huge foul on Gary Payton in the conference semifinals, Dillon Brooks generally saw a very tough series against Golden State. Among Ja Morant’s top lieutenants, the winger is nonetheless extremely disappointing at the worst of times, going through Game 4 which the Dubs narrowly won (101-98). In order to avoid the Grizzlies being eliminated from the next game, he will have to do better than in the last few meetings if anything:

Dillon Brooks vs. the Warriors:

Game 1: 8 points at 3/13, 5 fouls
Game 2: 0 points on 0/3 shots, ejected
Game 3: suspended
Game 4: 12 points on 5/19 shooting, 5 fouls

Total: 20 points on 8/35 shots, 11 fouls

Dillon Brooks at the bottom of the hole in the 2021-22 playoffs

More fouls than hits for both the former Oregonian, and we might even add that he has run out of fuel behind the ac, with an ugly 3/17 in the second round and 13/46 since the start of the postseason. Suffice it to say that he doesn’t respond presently, and the Tennessee crowd is getting seriously fed up with him standing out in a rather negative light. One of them flatly asked to be sent to Dallas to recover Frank Ntilikina !

If I could, I’d trade him for Frank Ntilikina. Get Brooks out of here.

Not very prominent during long weeks with the Mavs, the French leader, however, has returned with a vengeance for two games against the Suns, after being promoted in the rotation. His performances are in any case convincing, and Texas fans are excited about the change. In any case, defending him wouldn’t be much to help Memphis against steph curry & co., with Brooks also unconvincing in his own half.

Dillon Brooks is supposed to be a major member of the Grizzlies, so hearing fans asking to trade him for a simple role player is a pretty terrible statement at his current level. No offense to Frank Ntilikina…

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