In an incendiary tweet, KD humiliates Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless!

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Kevin Durant doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket, and he proved it once again by violently attacking Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and all the debaters walking down the street. better across the Atlantic. It’s the next viral chapter in a long-running rivalry.

Kevin Durant He hasn’t been in the playoffs for more than a month, but his name continues to be mentioned on social networks, by Internet users who still haven’t forgiven him for going to Golden State in 2016, while the Baie franchise had just left. he posted the best record in regular season history. And the crazy thing is that ever since he left for Brooklyn, the Warriors fans are mad at him too…

The proof, after the qualification of Steve Kerr’s men for the Finals, the first since the departure of the former No. 35, who has stagnated in the Nets in a very difficult roster to manage, many people have decided to troll him. He’ll bounce back, that’s for sure, but only a win next season could allow him to regain his full credibility.

Kevin Durant destroys Stephen A. Smith!

While waiting for his return to the courts, Kevin Durant spends much of his time on social networks, and he ran into the last Stephen A. Smith’s controversial statement about Michael Jordan. As usual, she reacted to these comments, but this time with quite surprising violence. Clearly, he’s not a fan of sports media…

My theory is that guys like Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and Shannon Sharpe changed the media game for the worse. Players like Stephen Curry and Michael Jordan can only move basketball forward.

Kevin Durant has been saying it for a long time, he’s not necessarily a fan of the opinion debates that flood sports channels across the Atlantic. So when he saw Stephen A. Smith’s latest Michael Jordan review, he saw the perfect opportunity to make a statement and deliver a real message. Obviously, some Internet users rose up, in particular to defend Shannon Sharpe, but the Nets player did not back down.

Shannon is funny, NFL Hall of Famer, and will be a Media Hall of Famer one day, but his basketball smarts were built by Twitter lol

If one thing is certain, it is that Kevin Durant probably will not join the media world once he retires… Or he will do it as a Draymond Green, in his own podcast.

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