In the middle of the game, the racist insult to vomit against Draymond Green

The series between grizzlies and the Warriors are as hotly contested on the field as they are on social media, where fans tear each other apart. But this Saturday, a Memphis journalist completely collapsed, with a more than racist message against Draymond Green.

The series between the Grizzlies and the Warriors was supposed to be particularly exciting on a sporting level, but unfortunately it’s turning into a real war. Indeed, since the terrible injury of Gary Payton II following a controversial gesture by Dillon Brooks, the two teams have accused each other of playing “dirty”, and Steve Kerr, normally so calm, even came off his hinges.

And this Saturday, during game 3 won by Golden State at the Chase Center, a new action fueled the controversy. Sure enough, while struggling for a fumble, Jordan Poole put his hand on the knee of Memphis star Ja Morant before shooting lightly. The leader, who had to leave, also dropped an unequivocal tweet after the meetingproof that he loves the Warriors.

Draymond Green compared to a primate!

But this Saturday, the most embarrassing event did not occur on the field, but on social networks where the fans of both teams tear each other apart. The problem is that not everyone knows how to control themselves, and Joey Sulipeck, a journalist for the channel foxnews in Memphis, totally insane by hurling a racist slur at Dramond Green. He was put back in his place by another reporter from Tennessee.

Joey Sulipek: Think about this: Draymond Green opens his big Neanderthal mouth throughout the match, but the well-mannered Kyle Anderson argues with a whistle and is ejected. It’s another level of stupidity.

Evan Barnes: Emotions run high on both teams and among fans following Kyle Anderson’s ejection, but this? This is unacceptable. Send a message to Fox Memphis, speak to your employee and return it. It has exceeded the limit and I cannot accept it. It’s bullshit.

Joey Sulipeck is the channel’s meteorologist. fox news memphis, and he’s obviously a huge Grizzlies fan. Therefore, he was released after the expulsion of Kyle Anderson in protest, while Draymond Green spends his meetings talking without repercussion. But what does not happen in his message is that the expression “drag knuckles” not only designates Neanderthals, but also certain species of monkeys that walk by letting their hands drag on the ground. In a country like the United States, in a state with the history of Tennessee, such a comparison is bound to be embarrassing.

Before the general revolt of the social networks, this famous meteorologist not only deleted his message, but also deactivated his account, probably for fear of reprisals. It remains to be seen whether his employer will make firm decisions about him.

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