Insolent, Shaq belittles Rudy Gobert like never before!

Shaquille O’Neal, never the last to speak out, took issue with the record of one of his favorite targets: our national Rudy Gobert. And so much to say that the response of the Diesel, without filter, was more than petty towards the Frenchman of Jazz…

Between Shaquille O’Neal and Rudy Gobert, it’s a bit like “I don’t love you either”. For several years, Diesel has chained key phrases towards the Frenchman, sometimes with very harsh criticism towards him. Then, filling out the great Jazz man’s résumé, Shaq had ended up softening his words and being more sympathetic to the Saint-Quentin native. The time is over to believe the words spoken by O’Neal during an episode of his podcast.

Shaq disarms Rudy Gobert and laughs at him

It was co-anchor Spice Adams who lit the fire, saying he believed Rudy Gobert would be able to extinguish the Big Cactus in his prime and limit it to 12 points. The response was immediate, and it was overwhelming:

12 points? Yes, in the first 3 minutes. I’ll tell you something, man. It is against my religion to let someone confront me. It’s personal to me, really. From the first action of the game I was always aware of what the defense was going to do. Like: “Ok, he’s coming to double me, so this teammate will be open to 3 points.” Still. But if I received the ball on the post and nobody came to pass me, I took it as a lack of respect.

Then the coup de grâce was struck:

Do you know what I would do to Gobert? He is a guy who is a blocker. You just have to push his skinny little butt under the circle. You show him a little elbow so he has the creeps, and you just have to go up and put your basket.

To listen to O’Neal, scoring a basket in the Defensive Player of the Year triple is an absolute formality. A rather flagrant lack of respect, which is not surprising when it is known that Shaq has always been very offensive with the other pivots since his retirement. Dwight Howard, for example, can attest to this. Why ? Many believe that the ex-Laker has a bit of misplaced pride, which makes him “worry” that other greats shine, and that despite his incredible track record that makes him practically untouchable.

In any case, we imagine that Rudy, as always, will not respond to this new virulent attack. After all, the Frenchman has other, more important things to worry about, including the burning question of his future in Jazz.

Shaquille O’Neal hadn’t put a missile on Rudy Gobert for a few months? It’s done, the lack is filled for the colossus. We’d still like to see it, this 1-vs-1…

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