“Inter-Empoli? Yesterday I saw a great tennis match. I’m not interested in playing sooner or later”

The day after the victory comeback of‘Bury in Empoli who redesigned the top classification, Stefano pegs appears at the press conference to advance the issues of Verona-Milan, a game in which the Rossoneri want to make an immediate counter-advancement to their cousins. Here are his words:

Verona has been the springboard for AC Milan many times, is this good news for the players?
“It will be nice to go into the match with so many AC Milan fans following us, they are giving us an enthusiasm that we want to bring to the pitch tomorrow night.”

What week was it? Is it difficult to play 48 hours after Inter Milan?
“It was very, very similar, I would say the same as the previous ones. I saw a lot of motivation, Verona can create difficulties for us, but the challenges we have overcome lately have given us more confidence. Now is the time to prove it. We are not only good, but the best.”

What is the step that your players are missing? What can Ibra give?
“The pace is the same, we want to dominate the games and we have to be a team from start to finish. The games are long, difficult, we have all seen the victory with the heart of Real in the semifinal of the Champions League. For Zlatan, we know that it can be decisive.”

Inter and Milan is also a mentality clash: better attack against better defense.
“This is not the time to do this kind of analysis, we are 7 points short to try to achieve something extraordinary. We have to think about one game at a time, keep playing for Milan. So if we are good to win the 1- 0 games, so be it. But we want to score more goals, the important thing is to play with the emotion that accompanies us”.

As an outside player, you all inside in Milan?
“We are good at going against all odds, we continue with this mentality. I bet the team will give their best tomorrow.”

Will the Lega Serie A have to make a more serious assessment of the contemporaneity of next season’s matches?
“I don’t care if we played before or after, nothing would have changed if Inter had played after us. We have to score 7 points, the ones we need.”

Did you see Inter-Empoli yesterday?
“I checked our training, not Empoli. Then a great tennis match from the Alcaraz phenomenon.”

Will it be the most difficult race?
“It is the most difficult, which is tomorrow, then I will tell you the same for the next one. All the teams want to do well, improve themselves”.

Is it an advantage to have all the pressure on you?
“Yes I agree. I don’t see anxious players, I see them motivated and focused. In that I see an exceptional growth of the group, I thought I should have reassured them every day, and instead they are always smiling and serene. “.

Who will assume the sanction in case of assignment?
“We have the list of penalty takers, so it is clear that the players can change the situation on the pitch.”

There have been obvious refereeing mistakes with Lazio and Fiorentina, covered up by victories: are you afraid that not everything will depend on Milan in this final race?
“No, no, the things we can control will depend on us. Then we will respect the choices of others.”

Someone called Milan the best of the worst in the league, don’t you find that offensive?
“I didn’t like this thing, it doesn’t matter. We are too focused on tomorrow, I can’t waste energy on these things. Then there is someone who still criticizes Ancelotti, so it’s all worth it…”.

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