Is Isaiah Thomas’s future in the league already fixed?

Long an NBA undesirable, Isaiah Thomas chained several freelancers from right to left this season, before landing in Charlotte. But what about his future in the league? Two well-informed experts have told the same story about him.

Given his stints with the Lakers and then the Mavericks in recent months, there shouldn’t be many predicting a happy ending for him. And yet, Isaiah Thomas finished the season on an NBA roster. Picked up by the Hornets in early March, he put in encouraging performances there, allowing him to find a spot in the rotation.

Backed by LaMelo Ball, IT really found its place in Charlotte, where it finally put together a satisfying performance. In fact, in just 12.9 minutes per game, the goblin managed to average 8.3 points, all at 39.7% from 3 points. Despite this, the great remodeling started in the franchise seems to leave him in the ejection seat, he who will approach the offseason as a free agent.

Encouraging signs for Isaiah Thomas in Charlotte

Following another elimination during the play-in tournament, the Hornets’ front office was quick to turn things around, and it was coach James Borrego who was the first to pay the price. This could continue with big moves in the market, and via possible interest in Rudy Gobert. As for Thomas, Michael Scotto was pretty confident of an extension on the Hoops Hype Podcast :

Isaiah Thomas will be a free agent this summer, but I think the Hornets would love to bring him back to the team. They had good results with him.

Sure enough, of the 17 games Isaiah played in the final weeks of the regular season, LaMelo Ball and his teammates won 12, which is something that argues in their favor.

Also, according to the informant charlotte observe Rod Boone, another big factor could work in the former All-Star’s favor, and no less important.

For Isaiah Thomas, I know for a fact, having asked him several times during and after the season, that he wants to go back to Charlotte. LaMelo Ball likes him a lot and found Isaiah to be a great help to him. They both have a good relationship.

NBA executives generally seek to make their star happy at all costs, and even more so those in smaller markets like Charlotte. Therefore, offering a new contract to Thomas could be part of the ideas raised to satisfy LaMelo. In other words, there’s every reason to hope for the King of the Fourth, he’s probably finally found his new home in the league!

Nearly saved by the Hornets, Isaiah Thomas was able to return the favor late in the season and was able to reap the benefits very quickly. Otherwise, it is a new period of problems that he can offer you.

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