Is LeBron a big cheapskate? Kevin Love proves it with a crazy anecdote!

If he has a real fortune, LeBron James wouldn’t necessarily be the type to want to spend it. He sometimes reaches pretty ridiculous heights, as Kevin Love confided in a recent interview. The story told by the great man is to die for!

Aside from Michael Jordan, no other basketball player has made as much money in his career as Lebron James. The Laker should soon imitate his Airness and become a multimillionaire, he who knew how to take advantage of his level of play to accumulate millions of dollars in abundance. He also knows how to use them admirably, having remarkably built his school. I promiseaimed at disadvantaged youth in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

However, the King would also have a dark side in this area, his relatives did not hesitate to state that he could be damn stingy when he wanted to. An anecdote on the subject resurfaced recently, during an interview between Bleacher Report and Kevin Amor. The former teammate of the quadruple champion thus confirmed to Taylor Rooks another All-Star’s past comments, which describe L-Train’s rather WTF behavior when traveling:

LeBron’s funny habit on the road in Toronto

Rooks: Chris Paul told me about two years ago that LeBron was the tightest player he knew. He’d walk into a room and the first thing he’d say was, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” I don’t want to use my data. »

Love: Oh yes, absolutely. I’ve seen it a million times, like when we used to go to Toronto. When we talk about wealth and all that, sometimes there are things that we don’t see. Behind the scenes, he is like that. In Toronto, during the drive between the airport and our hotel, no data was used. It is waiting for Wi-Fi.

Then, on the way from the hotel to the game, he also awaits the arrival and the wifi that is in the place. There is a financial saying: “A small leak can sink a ship”, but that’s not even a leak! Is nothing. I just say to myself: “Come on, brother, are you serious? “. It’s WiFi! Maybe it’s okay to walk away from the phone, but this is crazy.

Obviously, the big man crowned in 2016 sees this with an amused air, without hesitating to show off his great friend. But all this says a lot about the way the Chosen One manages his finances, knowing that he can build a real empire if he plays his role well. He, too, is on the right track to make it, having broken into Hollywood in particular. The same in the sports field, since he is notably a shareholder of the English club of Liverpool, whose FA Cup victory he recently celebrated.

Obviously, it’s better to have Wi-Fi at home when you want to invite LeBron James over. The winger can be downright stingy when it comes to his mobile data usage, a WTF fun fact about him.

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