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from Andrea Sereni

A fan notices a mole and tells Brian “Red” Hamilton to check it out: it was a malignant melanoma. On Saturday they met: “She is my heroine.” The two teams awarded him a $10,000 medical scholarship.

A phone pressed against the plexiglass, a brief message written in white on a black background. Brian “Red” Hamilton, 47, is on the sidelines, checking the helmets and uniforms of his Vancouver Canucks, a franchise of the NHL, the American professional ice hockey league. At that moment he notices that there, behind the chairs, there is a girl who tries to get his attention. She is a fan of the opposing team, the Seattle Kraken. Her name is Nadia Popovici, she is 22 years old and at that moment she is changing her life..

What then “Red” -nickname due to the redhead- at first ignores him. How many times has he seen opposing fans trying to annoy his boys. But she insists, slams her hand against the glass. She convinces him to turn around, to go meet her to understand what she wanted. Read the message written on the phone, in a note: “The mole on your neck could be a tumor. Please get checked out by a doctor!”. Hamilton nods, shows her thumb.

He went to the doctor shortly after the match (dated October 23). And he discovered that Nadia was right, the one on the back of his neck was a malignant melanoma, a skin cancer. Diagnosed in time, allowing Hamilton to have surgery to remove the mole. And thus save himself. For this Saturday, before a new game against the Seattle octopuses, he wrote a letter and shared it on social networks: “My name is Brian” Red “Hamitlon and I am looking for a very special person -it is read-, and I I need your help. To this woman I am looking for, you have changed my life, now I want to meet you to say thank you».

A call for someone to help him find Nadia. “That message you showed me on your phone will stay in my head forever, and it changed my family and my life. You were right, your instincts were correct, that mole on my neck was a malignant melanoma and now, thanks to the help of the doctors, it is gone. And you managed to get me noticed in the chaos of a hockey game. you are my hero“.

In a short time, social networks have done the magic: the Canucks post was read by Nadia’s mother: “She’s my daughter! We’re subscribers to the Kraken, in the seats behind the guest bench at the Climate Pledge Arena. Nadia hasn’t seen this message yet, she was at work at the suicide crisis center in Seattle, now she’s asleep. She will surprise you to see it.” So on Saturday Nadia and the ‘Roja’ met again. The masks that fight to hide smiles, a hug that comes spontaneously and a chat (immortalized in a video shared later by the Canucks). “He extended my life, he saved it – Hamilton’s words after the game -. The doctor told me that if I didn’t find out in time, that mole was going to kill me in four or five years.”

Nadia, a graduate of the University of Washington, Vancouver and Seattle received a $10,000 scholarship for a medical school. “I saw her mole and thought wow, this is a perfect example of what a melanoma looks like,” she said.

Before the game, the public gave her a standing ovation, after the success of Vancouver “Red” they wanted to take a selfie together: “The biggest victory tonight.”

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