“It is clear that the current players are addicted to this”

If they have to feed 100% every game, the league’s athletes sometimes have hobbies that raise questions. Drugs, alcohol, money, women… A mythical coach spoke on the subject, revealing what was the biggest addiction of the moment.

If we often hear about it in other disciplines, especially during the Tour de France or competitions like the Olympics, doping is still a fairly taboo subject in the NBA. In fact, it is regularly overlooked in silence, so much so that you hardly ever hear of sanctions for this abusive practice. One might even believe that it has no place in the world of the orange ball.

However, as George Karl argues, such an approach would be dead wrong. The former Sonics coach spent decades observing the vices of the players and his autobiography. angry george it allowed him to paint a rather fascinating portrait of her. In particular, he revealed the great weak point of the latter in front of women, but doping has not escaped their vigilance either. Although he admits that the situation has changed over time, the problem would still be very present:

George Karl is on the loose for doping NBA players

Drug problems are handled a little differently in the modern NBA. The technician does not even know about a player who tests positive and receives the first notice of him. The management of the franchise or the league takes care of it. Our drug testing program is more comprehensive than the NFL or MLB’s, which we always boast about.

But we still have a drug problem, albeit different from thirty years ago. And this one annoys me more than the idiots who have had problems with recreational drugs. I am referring to performance enhancing drugs like steroids, human growth hormone, etc. Obviously some of our players are on drugs and they love it.

It is true that when you see monsters like Giannis Antetokounmpo either Lebron James in the field, we tell ourselves that there is an error in the genetics. Mind you, this is not to blame them as they have been pampered by nature, but the fact is that athletes get as high on drugs in the league as anywhere else. Karl did not hesitate to make some of his questions public, lamenting the slowness of the selection system:

How come some men get older while getting slimmer and fitter? How do they recover so quickly from their injuries? Why the hell do they go to Germany in the off-season? I doubt it’s because of the sauerkraut. It’s more likely because of the newer, harder to detect blood stimulants they have in Europe. Unfortunately, drug testing always seems to lag behind drug concealment.

It is a great kick in the anthill that George Karl swung, evoking the issue of doping in the NBA. It remains to be seen who uses this ethically dubious process and who, on the contrary, remains clean under all circumstances.

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