It’s called soccer – s04 ep09

We officially have the semifinals of the Challenge Cup. On the one hand North Carolina and Kansas City, winners of the East and Central groups, on the other OL Reign, winner of the West group, and Washington, best finalist after the defeat of the Thorns in a last game plagiarized by a covid outbreak within the team. But let’s find out how we got to this score, as well as see everything that happened in the week of football in this new episode of It’s called football.

prospect of the week

Hugo Mbongue

Toronto’s class of 2004 continues to score in MLS Next Pro. This week his goal didn’t help his team win, but with three goals he is already among the best scorers in the league, and at the top of the table there is certainly one of the youngest present.

The talent of the week.

Bongokuhle Hlongwane

One of the most intriguing talents this season, the South African from Minnesota scored his first bonuses in Adrian Heath’s half hour against Chicago. Two assists and a performance certainly point to the potential for more consistent minutes.

The overreaction of the week.


A few weeks ago we talked about the Maxi Urruti Experience as something that gives you absurd goals but also a lot of inaccuracy, and instead the Argentine continues to score. That Josh Wolff has finally found a way to make it work continuously, allowing him to realize the potential of it?

The prizes of the week

Lucille Bluth Award for Bad Wink on Apple TV

It is said that the Californian giant is in talks with MLS for one of the packages available in the renewal of television rights, and so, out of nowhere, some users of the streaming service began receiving alerts for MLS matches, Which are obviously still going on. you can’t see them. Are they trying to tell us something or is it just evidence?

“Do you eat this from the Internet?” MLS Technological Backward Award

It is absurd that there is not a league that has implemented VAR so well and so successfully and that goal line technology is not used. The league believes that VAR cameras are enough to solve problems like this, but the El Capitan derby has shown that this is not the case.

Casey Stoney Award for Best Side Outfit for Kris Ward

First NWSL game live on CBS’s premier channel, live nationally in front of the largest possible audience in the league, and Kris Ward decides to show up in a particular jersey. Match. Set up.

Rankings Madness

5 – A way to get inside Gaga Slonina’s head

I don’t know how successful it can realistically be, but in the end Minnesota won 3-0, so maybe they have a reason.

4 – The balance of Peter Vermes

This is what this team, a little damaged after so many exceptional seasons, can do to a coach’s health

3 – Facundo Quignon wins the derby at the end

And it makes immediate history, at least according to FC Dallas fans.

2 – The Red Bulls record

Undefeated away from home, never stopped and only able to pick up wins away from home, but still unable to find victory at home. These Red Bulls are a bit of a nightmare to break

1 – Joveljic where are you going???

I understand that scoring the winning goal in the final can lead you to do strange things, but anyway, a little poise.

Critics’ Choice Award for Drunk Game of the Week

San Jose Earthquakes – Seattle Soundings

You can remove Matias Almeyda from this team, but you cannot remove the madness that Matias Almeyda has instilled in the DNA of this team.

The quiz of the week.

Did Philadelphia score in this action?



The correct answer is B. Because Leon Flach knows how to do a lot of nice things on a pitch without the ball, and he’s not disastrous with possession either, but in crucial areas of the pitch his decision-making is still, how can I say, shaky.

The question (and perhaps the answer) of the week

How come NISA isn’t bankrupt yet?

I don’t know, but if they continue like this, it looks like they won’t last much longer. Hey? What do you say? Don’t know what NISA is? Here, this should already say a lot about the success of the league, but let’s explain: it is a US third division league that has only ten teams and has been abandoned over the years by the few success stories: Detroit City FC, Oakland Roots, which has been host.

The MVP of the week

Taxiarchis sources

In recent months, almost daily reports circulated about the state of ‘Taxi’ regarding the situation of the new Capitol DP, and in his debut match the Greek did not disappoint the enormous expectations: two goals and an assist to give victory in the comeback. to D.C. United. And now we cannot stop wondering what would have happened if his trajectory and that of HernΓ‘n Losada had had the opportunity to meet.

The romantic MVP of the week

A new kind of match analysis

In San Antonio for the US Open Cup game against Austin, a ball boy was caught on a microphone. The results, even given the victory of the hosts, are spectacular.

parade of the week

Pedro Gallese

They don’t call him Octopus by chance.

The most boring goal of the week

What made Toronto look forward to the return of the year

It appeared suddenly at one in the morning, it made us think of a dream late at night, it seemed truly inexplicable, but as far as dreams go, I’ve had better scripts.

The best goals of the week

It’s NWSL blitz season

We talked about it last week, but we have to talk about it again for Berkeley’s first NWSL goal, a terrifying blow. And we may not be done here…

we said?

In the game that gave Kansas City the semifinals of the Challenge Cup, Alex Loera also decided to join the party.

Either you die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain

A few years ago Gonzalo HiguaΓ­n scored goals like these, which mix fierceness and elegance, power and class, his hallmark. Now, he sees goals like these from the bench made by his replacement Leonardo Campana. The impression is that he could use this opportunity as his own villainous origin story and start carrying out criminal actions against young strikers with the aim of taking away the joy of living and especially playing football.

Best assists of the week

Center of Nico Lodeiro

An accurate shot from his team, a great foul that allows Roldan to take advantage of Marcinkowski’s awkward placement.

Kosi Thompson’s invention

Week pass. And we don’t even have to discuss it. A new face of #PlayYourKids with maple syrup, powered by a Bob Bradley who seems very interested in exploiting the material offered by the nursery.

Try to stop Elyse Bennett

It can not. It is simply impossible. Check between her legs. He already put the ball there and you can’t reach it anymore.

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