“It’s the closest replica to Michael Jordan”

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It wasn’t easy to get hold of Michael Jordan, as the Bulls legend was a one-of-a-kind specimen. However, an alumnus of the league says that one player can be considered his carbon copy of him. In particular, he would have joined him in a very specific area.

Michael Jordan not only revolutionized basketball with his prowess on the court, but also inspired many young players to want to be just like him. The expression “be like Mike” was born with the Chicago star, and many athletes have tried to set themselves up as worthy successors to the rear, sometimes even encouraged by the media. Given the enormous pressure this created, however, they were just as cracked by expectations.

However, one player managed to withdraw from the game, namely Kobe Bryant. The Lakers’ late glory even managed to overtake His Airness in terms of points scored, and he can easily be considered the all-time No. 2 in his spot, right behind Jordan. Former Wizards and Warriors player Tim Legler experienced Mamba’s early years in the league and looked back on them during JJ Redick’s podcast. He explains that in a short time, the No. 24 had managed to match his predecessor on the psychological level:

Kobe Bryant, heir to Michael Jordan

He’s the best I’ve seen after Jordan, mentally. Without a doubt. Mindset and skills. This is the closest thing to that. It is the closest Michael Jordan replica you will get without a doubt. And he looks, he even admitted it; I wanted to be like him. The way he carried himself, the way he talked during interviews, the way he carried himself on the field, he was like Michael Jordan.

It is no secret that the two players marked the history of their sport thanks to their mental toughness. We are talking about true workaholics, never reluctant to work for the sole purpose of improving and continuing to dominate. With his legendary discipline, we can also argue that Vino has outdone his elder in this arena, which would be anything but a scandal.

However, this is not the only point where they have resembled each other during their respective careers, as Purple and Gold have largely inspired their game from MJ’s. We think in particular of his fadeaway, a move he completely copied from Windy City’s No. 23, or his attitude at the end of the match. However, Legler adds that all of this may have come at the expense of the Philadelphia native’s image, with audiences unsure which foot to dance with him:

I think at first people had a hard time identifying with Kobe Bryant because of that. They were like, “I don’t know who this guy really is. Is he trying to be someone else? “I think that really hurt his connection with the fans and the media. They didn’t know how to take it, he came across as arrogant, took shots everywhere and talked trash.

Without much surprise, Kobe Bryant is the lucky one according to Tim Legler. The late Lakers fullback has done very well during his career, and he is clearly the second-best player in the history of his position, behind only his Airness.

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