Just before the event tonight, the Lakers were still very upset!

Tuesday was a big day for the league’s worst teams as the NBA held its lottery for the upcoming draft. Sacramento can smile, as can the Magic, who pocket the first pick. The Lakers? They got nothing but a big troll from the mocking pelicans. We mean it’s a good war.

While the greats are struggling in these playoffs, it’s a different story for the worst teams in the NBA, like the Thunder, Magic, Kings and company. These franchises had an important meeting on Tuesday night, with the usual draw. The way to know who will have the first option in the next draft, and who will therefore have the opportunity to sign a young sensation. The answer this year? orlando

The Magic and the Kings, winners of the lottery

It is the Florida franchise that will pick first in the June draft, although it can trade this trick for another. To complete the podium? The Thunder, who recover a wide first round of the draft, as well as the Rockets, who will be able to continue developing after the departure of James Harden. In the bargain department? The Kings, who finish fourth after jumping three places.

The order of the Top 4 for the 2022 draft: 1. Orlando. 2. Oklahoma City. 3.Houston. 4. Sacrament

A little further on, in 8th place, we find the Lakers, who have earned a place in the top 10. Great news, as this pick can be used in the future, for example, to tie it to a Russell trade. Westbrook, or get a good player on the roster. Well that’s normal. Reality ? The Angels gave up the rights to the Pelicans in the trade for Anthony Davis. The condition was simple: If the Lakers’ pick was in the top 10, New Orleans got it.

This eighth option therefore belongs to New Orleans, who should use it to get a good young man back, or improve the list a little more. In any case, a few hours after the event, the franchise took the opportunity to make fun of the Lakers on Twitter:

“We wish our friends at the Lakers good luck in the NBA draft lottery tonight! 🙏

A very mocking message from the Pelicans, who would have liked the Lakers to join the top 5 of this draft. They will have to settle for 8th place, which is not so bad. The truth, however, is that Angelenos must be disappointed: This asset could have come in handy this summer.

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