Kenneth Lofton Jr, Wembanyama’s rival colossus, is dirty and close to goal!

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Great opponent of Victor Wembanyama in the youth category, Kenneth Lofton Jr. also hopes to shine in the NBA. It looks pretty good for the big man, who put on a show during a major event before the draft. The fans are fascinated!

Victor Wembanyama is eagerly awaited by the French side, called to be the future of basketball in France. In the United States, however, he can already count on a strong rival: Kenneth Lofton Jr. The two youngsters met in a titanic duel in the final of the U-19 World Cup, and we can already salivate for the future face to face. face.-face each other on the professional level. While the Frenchy wears the colors of ASVEL, the 125 kilo colossus did the show in NCAAwith Louisiana Tech (19.4 points and 11.3 rebounds per game).

However, unlike the Habs who will be drafted in a year, the american nugget has decided to try his luck this year. For this, the player wanted to put the odds on his side using the G League path, being invited to the elite camp for it. As a reminder, this event will allow top prospects to participate in the Draft Combine, no easy task. And for the moment, the bet seems to have been a wise decision by the big man, who shines brightly on the floors:

Kenneth Lofton Jr. a hit at G League camp

Powerful in definition, with a not bad shot, Lofton Jr. continues to show that he can have a future in the Major Leagues. If going through the G-League may seem worrisome as he is far from a guarantee of breaking into the NBA, some players have been able to take advantage of him recently. Terance Mann (Clippers), Max Strus (Heat): so many young athletes who have succeeded and yet have a priori less talent on their hands than inside.

In fact, it seems clear that he is very well endowed with the ball in his hand, although he would particularly benefit from some work on his handling. There is also the question of the weight that is imposed with him, although he looks much more toned than in the past. In any case, fans are already under the spell, drawn by the man’s potential. Which already compares him to a land bear, which he had mastered without being an athletic phenomenon. A good omen?

He is the reincarnation of Zach Randolph! And he’s also left-handed like him, hahaha

The G League Elite Camp is off to a great start for Kenneth Lofton Jr., who is maximizing his chances of being drafted. If he doesn’t make it, there’s no doubt that his exploits at NBA third base will allow him to quickly integrate into the big leagues.

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