Kevin Durant ridiculed on social networks, LeBron involved!

Passing through Greece in his spare time, Kevin Durant does not escape the harsh comments of his haters. One of them shot him wrong, following the latest images of the Slim Reaper… By the way, LeBron James got involved in the situation when he hadn’t asked for anything.

In the absence of being able to participate in the NBA playoffs, Kevin Durant has decided to follow the latest basketball news in the Old Continent. On vacation following the Nets’ first-round sweep against Boston, the superstar winger is indeed in Europe, siding with Greece to be precise. The opportunity for him to go see a Euroleague game, and he also found in chaos during the meeting between Piraeus and Monaco. Suffice to say, it’s not used to it in the US!

He then traded the fiery atmosphere of the Stade la Paix et de l’Amitié for that of Greek nightclubs, having a good time in the company of the opposite sex. However, the double MVP of the Finals was quickly surpassed by his detractors in this one… The one who simply wanted to relax suffered the wrath of netizens on Twitter. One of them remarkably dismantled him in front of Lebron James :

KD criticized for his vacation in Greece

KD is partying in Greece after sweeping, while LeBron is in the gym…

Both superstars were eliminated early in the title race this season, the King even missing the Play-In while his Lakers finished 11th in the West (33 wins 49 losses). Unsurprisingly, they had to take a lot of flak after that, being the leaders of their respective franchises. Here, the Slim Reaper is criticized for taking it easy, while the quadruple champion has already resumed training.

Of course, one could argue that the latter is returning from his vacation, which he notably shared. photos of the drunk. However, given the large community of KD haters, it didn’t take long for other Tweets to add a layer in the comments. Special mention to this prank, involving poor Trae Young in passing while Hawk hadn’t asked for anything:

He holds the girl like he holds Trae Young 😭

Kevin Durant has no right to rest from his enemies, even when the accusations are difficult to accept. After a difficult season, the two-time champion has every right to relax before going back to work.

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