Kyrie sends a great message to LeBron James!

Former Cavaliers teammates and champions LeBron James and Kyrie Irving have sometimes parted ways violently since their split. The Nets’ star leader just brought up these matchups recently, speaking directly to the King!

It all started in October 2020, more than three years after the end of their joint adventure. In the middle of an argument with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving then shot LeBron James, making it clear that it did not make him a key player. The statement had obviously caused controversy in the league and on the networks, and had not gone unanswered.

LBJ himself was quick to respond: with an equally scathing attack to put his former partner in his place. Some other twists and turns followed, mixing attempts at justification from Uncle Drew and tense scenes in the middle of a match between the two men. In any case, this whole thing has just come back to the fore… at the leader’s initiative!

Kyrie Irving opens up about his problem with LeBron James

Kevin Durant’s latest podcast guest The ETCs, Kyrie Irving once again he was able to talk about his special relationship with the media, towards which he continues to be ultra-suspicious. Thus, the occasion lent itself perfectly to a retrospective look at the turmoil that may have pitted him against Lebron James. For this reason, the Nets star wanted to remind the King of all her admiration for him, and that in no way did she want to hurt him with her words:

Hey, say hello to LeBron! He thought he was attacking him, when he would never do that to the point where he had to answer me, you know what I mean? I respect him madly. We go through our own battles as teammates and competitors. So it was nothing serious. But when you communicate through the media, you only make things worse. People perceived things differently from how I said them.

Once again, Kyrie plays the card of misunderstanding and misinterpretation of his words. A prankster he’s already questioned many times, but still hopes will be enough to keep LeBron in favor. Let him calm down, the latter does not seem to have had a great resentment towards him, as you may have hinted through your latest tweets about him.

Unfortunately for the two former Cavs leaders, things haven’t necessarily gone the way they’d like on the court since their “breakup.” As Kyrie continues his quest for a second title, Bron won one with the Lakers, but he’s had a rough few months in Los Angeles. It is not surprising, then, that rumors about a possible reunion start to emerge!

Attached to his good relationship with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving sought that the King no longer throw his old controversial statements in his face. A priori, the latter has much more important files on the table these days!

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