Lakers owner’s response on Westbrook that speaks volumes!

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The offseason is just beginning for the Lakers, and it’s hard to tell if Russell Westbrook will survive the summer in the City of Angels. A trade? The option is raised, as long as you find the correct exchange, which is not won. Even Jeanie Buss, the owner, sows doubts about the leader’s future.

With no playoffs this season in the West, not even playing, the Lakers have largely disappointed this exercise with many injuries. The arrivals of last summer did not have the desired impact and obviously we are thinking of russell westbrook in first. He arrived with star status, so it’s normal to expect a certain performance once on the court. In the end, the leader was wrong about everything.

But whose fault is it? Is the player responsible? Yes, but for some, including Angelenos, it also fell to Frank Vogel to put Russ in a position to shine. He didn’t get the job done for him, as he was fired shortly after the season ended, with a simple thank you tweet. A very normal behavior, especially for a coach who led this squad to the final victory in 2020.

The inevitable departure of Russell Westbrook from the Lakers?

For fans, there’s no need to blame Westbrook, as it’s still Rob Pelinka who built this list. It is also he who will have to scrutinize the market this summer, to find a possible way out of the leader, which seems impossible. Trader Russ is playable, but Purple and Gold would necessarily lose out on the trade, as any interested franchise will require additional assets. The best scenario? Good to keep the old MVP.

In doing so, the Lakers offer Russ another chance, with a new coach. There will be the possibility that the player revives, and thus increase his rating in the market with rival teams. Jeanie Buss, the owner, is not completely closed to the idea. In her recent interview with the LA Times, she refuses to make a long-term commitment to the star.

Buss did not speculate on Westbrook’s place on the roster, saying: “Having a conversation like that is premature. We have to find the right coach to run this team. It all depends on the style of play the coach wants, depending on the roster we have.” , everything has to fit. »

Clearly, Buss confirms that the Lakers are betting on a new coach to boost this roster, including Westbrook. But beware, because the leader is not the only one in the crosshairs. With significant salaries to be paid, as well as taxes, the owner expects results and he made it known with threats. Even LeBron James doesn’t forget.

Russell Westbrook hopes the next coach will allow him to shine on the court, just like fans elsewhere. The franchise wants to give him another chance, but he rules out that he will live a similar second year. In case of more disappointments, Jeanie Buss promises changes.

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