Luka Doncic or Devin Booker? Pat Beverley slices up cash!

The Mavs-Suns series will be decided tonight, and will be dictated by, among other things, the head-to-head between Luka Doncic and Devin Booker. Which of the two stars will be able to lead his team to victory? Patrick Beverley has already announced his favorite, and it’s pretty amazing coming from him.

Back on the wall before Game 6, Dallas managed to bounce back and win at home against Phoenix (113-86). Luka Doncić and the consorts will therefore have a real chance of going to the conference final, provided they can win against their opponents in a final matchup. Win or go home, as they say in America, and it won’t be easy to come out on top against the best team in the regular season.

Unsurprisingly, eyes will largely be on the Slovenian and especially his duel with Devin Booker, who has been sizzling since the start of the series. El Matador even seriously insulted him in Game 5 ! The two stars, who finished in the Top 5 for MVP votes, clearly don’t like each other and aren’t afraid to let it be known. The last game showed it again, with new tensions between the leader of the Texans and the Cactus.

So we can logically expect them to go one after the other in the seventh inning, and that could have a big impact on the bottom line of this one. patrick beverly, who has been guilty of several provocations towards Halleluka this year, however, had little difficulty in making his choice. According to him, the question does not arise: the European nugget is the best player on the pitch, and that will make the difference. The opportunity for him to give her a nice compliment, for once:

Pat Beverley sees Dallas winning Game 7

I faced him last year (with the Clippers, editor’s note). The guy had me sweating from one end of the series to the other. So, I have to choose Luka. It is necessary. Aside from Chris Paul and Javale McGee, I don’t think anyone on the Suns team has ever played a Game 7. That’s why I have to pick Luka. He played well, and Dallas is on a roll.

Fact is, Arizona men don’t have a great deal of deathmatch experience, which the Mavs don’t, as they played one in 2020-21, lost to the Sailboats. This time, Doncic & co. I expect the outcome to be different, and with Game 6 won on home turf, they managed to bring the momentum back to their side. However, winning on the Footprint Center side will be much more difficult, given that they have lost every game there in the series.

Patrick Beverley sees Dallas win and go to the conference finals, especially since the Texans can count on Luka Doncic to ring the charge. Devin Booker and his Phoenix teammates aren’t going to appreciate…

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