Luka’s subtle attack on a Warrior before the conference final

Luka Doncic is leaving to live his first conference final, and yet he doesn’t seem particularly stressed, quite the opposite. Still elated from his showing against the Suns in the previous round, the Slovenian prodigy spoke about the Warriors, dropping a small inning on a star.

Luka Doncić he was on a mission to make the playoffs, and he did much better than that by leading his team to the Western Conference Finals, where his Mavericks will face the Warriors, big regulars in the title race. Dallas has absolutely nothing to lose, and the group comes in with a boost of confidence after the win over the Suns. The Slovenian’s smile could be contagious for his teammates.

Luka congratulates Draymond… then the tackle!

A few hours before the first conference final of his career, the also manager appeared before the media in a good mood that reflects all his carefreeness but also his confidence. When asked about Golden State’s main weapon in the title race, the young All-Star cited the name of Dramond Greenbefore dropping him a small ticket for the form.

Obviously, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are great forwards, but in my opinion, the key to this Warriors team is Draymond Green. He is amazing and I absolutely respect everything he can do on the field. Afterwards, not wanting to disrespect him, he is far from the best attacker. That doesn’t stop him from having an impact on every other aspect of the game.

Following a highly commendable response to Dramond GreenStill, Luka wanted to remind that the Warriors inside is not a great attacker, which will undoubtedly be taken into account in the Mavericks’ defensive strategy in the series. Jason Kidd and his players can force the All-Star to take shots, which he can’t necessarily do today.

But beyond this obvious weakness, Draymond also has qualities that Dallas has yet to face, especially mentally. The interior never gives up, he knows how to mobilize his companions and, above all, he is a legendary garbage man. Unlike Devin Booker, who never spoke when his Suns were behind, Green will do everything from the first minute to the last to defeat the Slovenian prodigy.

For Luka Doncic, Draymond Green will be the key to the conference final, even if he is not very comfortable offensivet. Must say that the interior knows better than anyone the way to the title, and its influence on both sides of the pitch is not negligible.

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