Men’s B1 Series, Tennis Club Triumphs On The First Day At CT Pontedera

JERSEYS (Lecce) – Yesterday a great day of tennis for CT Maglie with all three teams involved and all victorious.

In B1, Maglie beat CT Pontedera 4-2, in the men’s Series C the victory over Angiulli Bari confirmed for Maglie’s third team its participation in the Series C championship for next year against CT Bari useful for the playoff goal.

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In the B1 championship match, the Maglie team fielded German Tim Handel in less than perfect physical condition (2.2 and 548 ATP), Fabrizio Ornago (2.2), Daniel Bagnolini (2.3), Silvio Mencaglia (2.4), Mattia Leo (2.7) , Gianluca Romano (3.4) and Marco Baglivo (4.1).

The Zimbabwean davisman Benjamin Lock (2.1 and 438 ATP), Lorenzo Piacente, William Paolini, Gabriele Volpi took the field for coach Pontedera.
In singles Ornago beat Volpi 6-1 6-0, Bagnolini beat Paolini 6-0 6-2, Mencaglia did the same 6-1 6-4, The only point for the Tuscans was Lock on Handel 6-2 6-2.
The decisive point for the final victory of the Maglie was obtained by the victorious couple Ornago – Bagnolini Volpi – Paolini 6-1 6-2. The other double was won by Pontedera with the couple Lock – Piacente over Leo – Mencaglia 6-2 6-4, putting the final result at 4-2 for coach Maglie.

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In the men’s C, an easy 4-0 victory over Angiulli, with Maglie confirming the 6-0 victory in the first leg in the second leg. Well done to the guys who made an excellent championship: Alessio Giordano (2.8) , Samuel Spano (2.8), Mattia Rocco Chiarelli (3.1), Stefano Costa (3.2), Luigi Corrado (3.2), Gabriele Frisullo (3.2), Riccardo Stomaci (3.5), Salvatore Maria De Donno (4.2), Antonio Giordano (4.2). With technicians Michele Pasca, Mattia Leo, Antonio Giordano and Marco Cezza.

In the women’s Series C, important victory away from home against CT Bari by 4-0. Forte (3.2), Elena Luceri (3.3), Silvia Romano (4.1) and Carola Liaci (4.2) , followed by coach Marco Cezza.

In singles Giorgia Pinto beat Di Giovannantonio 6-1 6-1, Carlotta Mencaglia beat Manfredonia 6-4 6-0, Asia Pellegrino beat Genovese 6-3 6-1. In doubles, the Maglie couple Giorgia Pinto – Marta Forte beat the Manfredonia – Savino couple 6-3 6-2.

For the sports director of CT Maglie, Antonio Baglivo: “Beautiful Sunday with the brilliant victory of the three teams involved. In the B1 series we had the debut of the new Fabrizio Ornago and Tim Handel who were brilliantly joined by Daniel Bagnolini, Silvio Mencaglia and Mattia Leo thus obtaining a nice victory over the Tuscans from Pontedera. Very well also the girls who with the victory over CT Bari have returned to the race for the final victory of the group and very well also the boys from Serie C who have achieved what was asked of them at the beginning of the championship, permanence also for next year in the Series C championship. A special thanks to Tim Handel who, despite the precarious physical condition due to a recent injury, replaced the Bulgarian Alexander Donski (2.2 and 525 ATP) injured during the week in the last minute”.

Upcoming appointments for CT Maglie on Sunday May 22: in the Sicilian B1 away game against CT Ragusa fresh from a 6-0 victory against CT Gaeta; in the women’s C away match against Giannoccaro de Monopoli.

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