MLB, the Angels finally fly. Tonight at 10pm LA Angels- Cleveland Guardians l Sky Sport

The Los Angeles Angels are one of the best teams at the beginning of the season. Thanks to the phenomena Trout and Ohtani, but also to a complete team. Tonight at 10pm we see them against the Guardians on Sky Sport Action

If you have the best baseball player on the planet and the most phenomenal two-dimensional player in this game, it must be especially difficult to accept defeat. A feeling they know well angels, the other team from Los Angeles, based in Anaheim. And even this season the forecasts were not favorable. Leading US pundits placed the Angels in the middle of the pack in an ideal ranking of the 30 MLB teams. In these first (few) games, however, the team is doing a lot to prove them wrong. In recent seasons, ambitions have never been lacking, but they have been extinguished in unnamed leagues where the Angels have never given the impression of being true contenders. Despite Mike Trout. Three times MVP of the American League. Nine times All Star, where he was twice MVP. With the average OPS (which expresses all the potential of a hitter, both for his ability to reach the bases and to hit deep hits) clearly better among active players. Eleven years of dazzling career in the Major Leagues for a player who appeared in 2011 and took a place of his own in the world of baseball. Basically unattainable for others. Also because Mike Trout is not just a great striker. He’s quick on base (200+ stolen bases in his career), he’s quick defensively at center back. Mike Trout is total. There is nothing that can do less well. He missed it a lot last year when a calf problem stopped him in May and kept him off the diamond all season. The 2022 is the year of his return, followed with great curiosity (also to see if it is the same player or a version destined to become smaller, little by little). The beginning leaves no room for doubt: it is Mike Trout himself. Lethal on serve, there are home runs but as always there are also extremely high averages (in his career he has a batting average of over 300, which represents the stat of excellence for hitters). He has already reached another record, equaling the number of home runs in his career (160) done at Angel Stadium that belonged to Tim Salmon. He minimizes. Nothing special. He just feels good. Physically, he means. He is fine, he has no pain, the calf no longer bothers. So it goes without saying. If he’s okay, this is Mike Trout. What he has always been.

before the season joe maddonmanager of the Chicago Cubs title in 2016 and now tasked with leading the other Los Angeles back to victory, had thought of move him out of a challenging role like outside center to protect you from injury. He did not agree with Trout: “We didn’t even talk about it.” So play wherever you want. outer center.

Mike’s Trout – © Getty

The other phenomenon that the Angels can play is the Japanese shōhei ohtani. A pitcher who has terrifying 100-mile fastballs. A hitter who has power and stuff in 2021 he hit 46 home runs. In short, one that does both, often in the same game. Unique. A popular player in the days of Babe Ruth and not unusual at the youth level, but virtually extinct at the professional level this century. The Ohtani’s 2021 was legendary: MVP of the American League (since there was no Trout…), the only one and the first to pitch for more than 100 innings with more than 100 strikeouts and at the same time as a batter to make more than 100 hits, scoring more than 100 points , with more than 100 points defeated at home. Numbers to which he added the fact that he was the first to act as a starting pitcher in the All Star Game where he also played as a designated hitter in attack. Ohtani’s start to 2022 was good but perhaps less phenomenal. It will also be a difficult year to repeat. But he continues to make a huge contribution to his Angels on two fronts, as was also seen in last night’s game. He recently lost the role of lead off, that is, the first player to beat in the lineup. His averages are a little low right now. Joe Maddon proposes it in number 2 and now it is Taylor Ward who opens the games in attack. The first one wasn’t bad. Ward hit two home runs. He wasn’t bad last night. Grand Slam, that is home runs with bases loaded, three hits from four rounds of batting. The hottest hitter right now. They can be signs. In certain seasons everything you do works.

But as the Angels themselves have shown all these years, it is not enough to have the phenomena to win. baseball is cursed the most team sport there is. And the really good news is that in this 2022 there is a group. they are doing great Sindergaard (who is coming off an injury but also appears to be back in great shape), Lorenzen and especially Patrick Sandoval. there is in front Brandon Marsh, Jack Mayfield and Jared Walsh. If Anthony Rendon also gets back to the levels of the title he won with the Nationals in 2019 (where he was instrumental), the Angels might have what it takes to really go all the way.

For years Mike Trout has been constantly asked why he stays on a team that doesn’t let the best player in the world win. He is preparing the correct answer.

shōhei ohtani
Shohei Ohtani – © Getty

MLB on Sky Sports

An excellent opportunity to see the Angels is tonight at 10pm on Sky Sport Action, against Cleveland Guardians. They have achieved 4 consecutive victories and are in Head to AL West. We find them at the best time. The Guardians desperately need to stop a six-game losing streak. They didn’t get off to a bad start and they are more talented than they are showing now. Sunday, May 1 at 7:00 p.m.always on sky sport actionwe will see Tampa Bay Rays-Minnesota Twins. The Rays are playing as usual in the American League but the Twins really seem to have forgotten the disappointing 2021. They have restructured the team and the results are very promising at this point. They are already a full return of the investments made.


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