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America that wants to start over will find in the game of tradition a strong reason to be enthusiastic. The Major League Baseball is ready to start again, the last image is still that of title won by Washington Nationals in a crazy final against houston in it 2019. The season that did not resume in spring in the year of Covid, will now have a championship compressed in just over 3 monthswith a 60 game regular seasonwith playoffs that confirm the 10 team format. The world will once again see the best players and most beloved teams in action.

In this world there will be even sky customersAmerican baseball will be in Sky Sport for the 2020 and 2021 seasonswith at least two games a week commented in Italian during the regular season, which will practically become a date newspaper during the playoffs which will take us to World Series, broadcast in its entirety. All about sky sports arena. It will be played in facilities without an audience, with rules that must guarantee the safety of players and staff. Each team will have its own stadium, except for Toronto to avoid crossing the border into Canada and facing more complicated situations to manage. The schedule has been designed to allow teams to make minimal trips to nearby cities. Each team will have their own bubble., security is an obligation, the show remains a certainty. The yankees prepared by regaining confidence with home runs in practice, they are the most anticipated team, the one with the most fans in the world and has to carry the weight of a title that hasn’t arrived since 2009. An eternity for New York. Now they have everything to get ahead. In the American League they will meet again as opponents houston but pay attention to minnesota twins and his sensational attack. In the National League it will be difficult life for the champions of Washington, I Los Angeles Dodgers they are the strongest team on paper. Is everything taken for granted? No problem. Forecasts in baseball are often denied, as always, many leave knowing they have a chance. Those who start badly this time will not have time to remedy. A final with the Yankees and Dodgers would be an extraordinary historical event in an already historic year for a thousand reasons. We’ll find them all starting Thursday July 23.

The first games at Sky Sport Arena

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A summer that lasts all year, to live it in Sky Sport

at night between Thursday and Friday at 1.00 to liveopening game of the season between Washington Nationalsreigning champions ei New York Yankees. Immediately a highly anticipated confrontation, made even more intriguing by the confrontation on the mound between two pitchers like Cole and Scherzer, two axes on which many of the chances of victory of the two teams are based. In particular, Gerrit Cole is the main reason why the yankeesalready very strong and overflowing offensively in recent seasons, part like the team to beat.

Saturday, July 25 at 7:00 p.m. instead Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers, basically a derby since the two cities are separated by only 150 km. The Cubs are rebuilding, entrusted to David Ross, who made club history as a catcher and will now try to get them back to the playoffs, which failed last year. The Brewers can play their cards in a division like the NL Central that doesn’t have dominant teams and therefore remains open to all possibilities.

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