MLB The Show 20: The Baseball Game Review

The review of MLB The Show 20, a baseball game for PS4 developed by SIE San Diego Studio

There MLB The Show 20 Review It comes at a particular time for everyone. The spread of the Coronavirus has forced almost all sports to suspend ongoing competitions, including the American League of baseball who in normal times would have found himself on the championship starting line after so-called spring training. In fact, the start date of the new season was set for March 26, but like many other sports, the MLB also had to give in to postpone the start to April 18. While waiting for that day to come, fans of one of the most beloved sports in the history of the United States can turn to MLB The Show 20, the new edition of the successful series curated by SIE San Diego study.

As in the past, MLB The Show 20 reaches a completely deserted landscape at least as far as simulations are concerned, exclusively in Playstation 4 as we were used to until now. However, next year there will be something new: as part of the license agreement between the league and Sony, there will indeed be a cross-platform release, allowing owners of other consoles to climb on the mound as well. But this will be a topic of discussion in 2021: for now, let’s see what the Californian team has in store for us this year.

The modalities: many confirmations, few news

MLB The Show 20 offering in terms of modality offers no particular differences with respect to the previous edition, thus also preserving the March to October presented a year ago with MLB The Show 19. For those who missed the latter, remember that the aforementioned modality represents the fastest alternative to live an entire season of MLB facing only the key moments, thus skipping part of the hundred and sixty two. games that would otherwise wait for us to complete the regular season alone. Compared to what we saw a year ago, the developers have enriched the season with additional topical moments to experience first-hand, as well as offering greater possibilities for team customization through player trading. A job that will later put some more bricks on what has already been built, which, as we will see, also unites the rest of the aspects of MLB The Show 20.

the modality way to the show, for example, introduces some new role-playing dynamics within it, without upsetting the career mode (still far from a story mode) designed by SIE San Diego for its own creature. the modality Franchise, perhaps the most popular among MLB The Show 20 players, instead offers as a novelty the ability to customize some parts of the chosen team, thus allowing you to add a personal touch to your run to the World Series. It is a pity, however, that some aspects are still missing, such as the construction from scratch of its own stadium, an element that fans are clamoring for.

diamond dynasty It is still more or less the equivalent of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, enriched in this new edition with the new Showdown submodality where, holding hands with a team other than the one you control in this mode, the player must face a series of challenges. All modalities can count on the arrival under license of the teams that make up the minor leagues, thus joining the famous MLB teams as well as those called AA and AAA. A boon especially for those in search of extreme simulation, thus getting the chance to go and look for really existing prospects to stand out.

The gameplay: defense above all.

The how to play of MLB The Show 20 closely follows that of its predecessor, against which this new edition has some inevitable improvements. The additions also refer this time above all to the defensive phase, which had actually already been tweaked a year ago, especially as regards the management of the exterior. After a few games of this new chapter, the impression is that SIE San Diego has somewhat overhauled all of the player movement and handling dynamics involved in defending, thus allowing the player to obtain greater control in the most complicated phases, while at the same time enhancing the characteristics of the people who are on the pitch. It does happen from time to time to witness some somewhat inexplicable bugs, but it has to be said that those things also happen in real life: obviously, when they happen in-game to your detriment, they are a bit of a rage.

As for the stage of joke, it is worth noting the incorporation of a new evaluation of the impact of the club with the ball, which requires a greater effort on the part of the player to make the swing at the right moment. The new parameter, in fact, is called “perfect”, and it allows you to be practically sure of taking home a home run or at least one drive with which to win one or more bases. Otherwise, MLB The Show 20 remains broadly what we’ve come to know in recent years, allowing the player to choose their favorite hitting and pitching style from a set made available to satisfy both those seeking a a little more arcade, both those who want the best simulation.

However, the fact that MLB The Show 20 is similar to previous iterations of the series should not be misleading: despite the complete absence of competition, the developers have created over the years a product capable of satisfying even the finest palates. with a ‘learning curve that especially in the early stages can be steep but after a certain number of games it manages to pave the way to great satisfaction.

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PlayStation 4 trophies

MLB The Show 20 brings with it twenty-six PlayStation trophies. The unmissable supreme recognition of the platinum type is accompanied by seven of the gold type, nine of silver and nine of bronze. To get them all, you need to work through the various modes that make up the simulation made in San Diego, including needing to hit a home run from over 400 feet.

Graphics: the latest for the generation

In technical terms, MLB The Show 20 proves that it is ready for the next generation of consoles. Indeed, SIE San Diego’s effort seems on several occasions to have to settle for the hardware at its disposal, squeezing both the PlayStation 4 in its basic version and the Pro edition of Sony’s home console like an orange on a citrus. reporter. Any disorder from the point of view graphic therefore, we will probably see them with the arrival of PlayStation 5 and company on the market, staying for now at the levels of MLB The Show 19 with a little more cleaning. Care for individual players and the game environment is therefore kept at the highest levels, but the limitations are affected by the frame rate of the game, especially in phases where more players are involved. as it happens on screen. . In any case, these are quite sporadic moments, going to scratch what would otherwise be a perfect rendering on PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as the maximum obtainable in this particular generation phase.


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We conclude the review of MLB The Show 20 by once again appreciating the excellent work done by SIE San Diego Studio, hoping to understand what the advent of the next generation of consoles will bring to this series. The absence of major differences with respect to the previous edition makes this title a mandatory step only for those who live on bread and baseball, however, giving everyone the certainty of finding themselves in front of a well-made simulation.


  • The defensive phase seems to have improved even more
  • Minor league teams were also featured.
  • Good alternatives even for those who have little time to devote to the game


  • No news of special relevance compared to a year ago
  • Some drops in the number of frames per second in some stages

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