MLB The Show 21, the Xbox review

The review of MLB The Show 21, a baseball game from SIE San Diego that has also come to Xbox for the first time.

If we had been told some time ago that we would see a Sony Xbox exclusive in the future, we probably would have dismissed it with a laugh. Nevertheless, MLB The Show 21 Review can only be opened by taking note of an epochal turning point, which led to the baseball simulation developed by SIE San Diego break the walls of the PlayStation universe to also reach the competition. Additionally, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S owners can find MLB The Show 21 on Game Pass, making it particularly compelling on Microsoft platforms.

Thus ends an exclusive that lasted since the birth of this video game franchise, which dates back more than fifteen years, thanks to which baseball fans have been able to enjoy a title that on many occasions has had the favor of the public and critics. . A choice dictated by the will of the MLB league itself to increase the fan base of the official simulation, of course, but still transcendental above all for baseball lovers linked to the Microsoft ecosystem, condemned for so long to look enviously at the competition. That said, let’s also remember that MLB The Show 21 marks the series’ debut on next-gen consoles. So let’s see what SIE San Diego has in store for this year’s edition.

The modalities: the stadium is mine and I believe it

MLB The Show 21, selection of stadiums.

Even if it’s not one modality game itself, browsing the menus of MLB The Show 21 we noticed more than anything the addition of theStadium writer. However, the long-requested feature by fans is only available on next-gen consoles, leaving PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners dry. Once inside, you can check that it’s not a sum put there. so much for doing numbers. In fact, the editor in front of us is very powerful and allows you to give free rein to your imagination creating realistic but also fun stadiums, given the possibility of adding elements such as a T-Rex among those that are on the edge of the stadium. field.

The actual game modes of MLB The Show 21 remain the same as we know this year, with a few additions here and there that aren’t all that surprising. So we start from way to the show, the career mode that allows us to take our unknown athlete to the top of notoriety. There is still a lot of work to do in terms of narrative regarding other sports titles, despite the arrival of a podcast with variable content based on our performance on the diamond.

If you have played the latest editions, you already know it well. March to October, season mode thanks to which it is possible to condense the duration of an entire championship in fewer hours of play, for the benefit of those who prefer to live the most significant moments without taking too long to reach the postseason. Some minor additions don’t particularly change what we’ve seen before. The same discourse is also applicable to the modality diamond dynasty, practically the version of Ultimate Team with the stick in hand. Compared to its soccer counterpart, the mode offered by MLB The Show still has the merit of requiring smaller real-money investments to compete.

The mode closes the circle. Franchise, that is the one in which we can control the fate of a team over several seasons, taking care of the management aspects as well. The most relevant novelty in this case consists of a general renewal of the interface, accompanied by a series of information on what is expected to be the evolution of the team members in terms of performance.

The gameplay: (almost) everything as usual

From modalities to how to playFor MLB The Show 21, the essence of the matter doesn’t change that much. After a few minutes with the controller in hand, the feeling is, in fact, that of being completely comfortable with much of the dynamics of this year’s edition, although, of course, there are some new features. The most relevant is undoubtedly the so-called precise launcha new type of launch through which you have to imitate the launcher’s movements with the right stick. A very particular addition, without a doubt with a high learning curve, which nevertheless promises to offer moments of extreme satisfaction once you have learned its dynamics well. Those who don’t want to tire themselves too much to master Pinpoint Pitching can still choose to use one of the old launch modes, still present among the selectable options.

Thanks to a new set of animations, the dynamics with the ball in play seemed more refined to us compared to the edition of a year ago. Especially when the trajectory of the ball involves the perimeter wall, the players now seem more reactive in catching the ball, thus limiting clumsy movements and the errors due to them, causing moments of desperation in which those who have the controller in the hand do not understand what. are doing see on the screen.

Virtually nothing has changed when it comes to the phase of joke: also in this case we have the possibility to choose among several types the one that best suits our idea of ​​virtual baseball. On initial launch, MLB The Show 21 still allows you to choose your own play style from three different types ranging from casual to competitive, with the ability to define a suggested difficulty level along with any other selectable parameters that adjust it. dynamically based on our performance.

Graphics and sound: a generational leap in the middle

MLB The Show 21, game phase.

MLB The Show 21, game phase.

With the arrival of MLB The Show 21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, it’s clear that a lot of attention was also directed at the technical side of the game developed by SIE San Diego. In light of our evidence we must say that the generation gap that we expected to happen in the middle. As to graphics, watching games in 4K resolution at sixty frames per second naturally allows us to appreciate everything even more, especially a higher level of general cleanliness that, through better lighting management, is able to give an extra touch to the realism of the game . match. There are also new animations, which we have already talked about. However, we must not forget that in terms of visual representation, even the same MLB The Show 20 in the previous generation was already among the best in the sports genre.

To see a real jump though, we’ll have to wait until next year, just as we’ll probably have to wait for MLB The Show 22 as well to see further exploitation of the potential the controller offers. double meaning of PlayStation 5. In fact, the use of haptic feedback is only hinted at. Regarding the sound, the commentary is quite similar to last year, so it falls within the aspects of the game on which a review by the developers is necessary.


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We conclude the review of MLB The Show 21 also appreciating this year the quality of the work carried out by SIE San Diego. Despite the lack of significant new content outside of the stadium editor, the baseball simulation offers several alternatives to fans, along with gameplay that gets stronger and stronger from release to release. If you’re not a fan of this sport or were expecting a real jump, you might as well consider waiting another year before making the purchase. Not to forget, MLB The Show 21 is also available on Game Pass, so if you own an Xbox along with your subscription, you’ve got the green light to give it a try.


  • Finally, the stadium editor (nextgen only)
  • Some refinements in the gameplay.
  • Challenging but rewarding accurate throw


  • Other than the editor, no structural changes.
  • For the real generational jump we will have to wait

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