MLB The Show 22 – Review, Baseball Like You’ve Never Played It Before

MLB The Show 22 is the sports title dedicated to the world of baseball, a title certainly expected by a minority on Italian soil (compared to football titles such as fifa or other sports like basketball), and today we offer you our review. Despite the small niche in the Bel Paese, there have always been big games about the sport played on the diamond, so much so that until recently, this was a Sony PlayStation exclusive. However, now MLB The Show 22 has come to both Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Will its ninth-gen console version be able to impress us? Let’s find out below.

The sport does not change

As well as many titles that have an annual periodicity, especially when it comes to a sports title, also for MLB The Show 22 It is very difficult to say that there have been great revolutions in terms of gameplay. However, in this specific case, in reality, there should have been some changes, since the federation that administers baseball has decided to change the rules of this sport. elements that they will only be implemented in the next chapter.since in this version there will not be, or at least that is to be expected.

The fact is that pad in hand, the title is very entertaining, with a control system that varies according to your skills. You will have the opportunity to choose a different mapping depending on the level of immersion you wish to have within the game. Obviously, the more you go into the simulation, the greater the difficulty. So if you are a beginner, we advise you to go step by step, before you start running. Obviously the beating heart of the game basically still the sameprecisely because, as already mentioned, the title has an annual frequency, so the developers do not have the material time to implement profound changes.

When you’re in the batsman’s role, you’ll see a kind of reticule and a dial, with which you’ll have to anticipate the movement of the ball to hit it as best you can, also trying to understand what kind of shot it is. about to arrive As you can easily guess, you will have to have even a little luck in guessing, just like in the “real” version of the sport. While when you are “on the other side”, that is to say in the role of shooter, you will have to do the same, but this time you can also decide whether to spin the ball: the latter could also deviate the trajectory and let you fall into a ball, which will not allow you to get points. Choose carefully and then throw the ball as best you can.

As for the modes, in addition to the quick match, one of the most important this year is from March to October, which will make you live several seasons, instead of just one. Obviously, the result is a greater involvement on the part of the player, who will have to make all the right decisions when it comes to buying and selling players, a bit like what happens in the career mode of FIFA 22.

One of the features that will make you jump for joy is the ability to play online, which was missing until this iteration. But this way is perhaps one of the Achilles heels of MLB The Show 22, since there are limitations: it is not possible to choose to play with friends, just as it will not be possible to play a season together. A timid first step towards the online world, without infamy or praise.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to change the scenery with a range of baseball-themed items, but also less inherent, so you can unleash all your creativity. This implementation is exclusive to 9th generation consoles, so if you have a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch will not be able to access it.

Technically next generation?

When you think of a game for next-gen consoles, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5, you always think of amazing animations and super realistic graphics that will take your breath away. MLB The Show 22 Can you meet these standards? Not really, but it’s very close to it. Player animations are really smooth. and the concatenation of actions is not very visible, while the graphic aspect has improved, but San Diego Studio could have done even better. Perhaps its cross-generation nature has been a bottleneck, preventing developers to be able push the hardware hard. The fact is that it is still an impressive title that manages -through its control system and graphics- to be very pleasant even for the curious. One of the most important improvements, apart from the graphics, is the physics of the ball. The latter is much more realistic than the last version of the game, and you notice it from the first bar.

As for the game audio, there is nothing to complain about. The soundtrack accompanies well in the menus and also manages to give the appropriate load, while every stroke of the stick is so well done -and above all well matched- to be clear as if it were in the stadium.

mlb the show 22 review

But at this stage of MLB The Show 22, can we recommend this game? Our answer is yes, whether you are curious or belong to that minority of Italians who follow sports. After all, if you own an Xbox and an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can get the game without having to buy it. Does this mean it’s not worth buying? Absolutely not, but if you are just curious, the advice is to give it a try.. Whereas if you are passionate, you can jump in without fear of consequences. Also, even if you have Nintendo Switch, you can finally play it, for the first time in franchise history.


  • MLB The Show 22 (Tested on XBX/S)

    7.7Total score

    MLB The Show 22 is the first step towards the next generation in the world of baseball. Without taking into account that it is the first release of the title on Xbox and, above all, on Nintendo Switch. The title manages to be very interesting in terms of gameplay, which is suitable for all types of players, but it lacks in online mode, which has too many limitations. Graphics-wise, it’s much better than the 8th-gen console version, but the developers didn’t want to push the hardware too hard. One of the improved technical aspects is the physics of the ball, which is much more realistic. In other words, we can say that MLB The Show 22 manages to be an enjoyable experience for fans and onlookers alike.

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