Mls: Columbus beats Seattle and wins the US soccer title.

The Crews won the title by beating Seattle 3-0 in the final with a brace from Argentina’s Zelarayan. Franchise 3 years ago was in danger of moving to Texas, then saved by fans and new ownership

The Columbus Crew fairy tale could not have a better ending: the 2020 title. Three years of suffering and fear to achieve rebirth seasoned by a success that really has a special value.

One of the historic franchises of the MLS, the one that could boast of a passionate and very hot fan from the beginning, seemed, in fact, to have reached the end of the road due to a series of economic problems and differences with the municipality of the city of Ohio, which gave him the start at the time of Austin in 2017. Columbus swept the soccer map that counts in the United States, something unthinkable at least until a couple of years before. But the tenacity of the fans, able to create a movement called “Save the Crew” that touched the hearts of all Stars and Stripes football lovers, was finally rewarded.


The club, ready to pack up and move to Texas, has in fact changed course, bringing excitement to the entire community. Thanks to the Haslam family, already owners of the Cleveland Browns in the NFL, who took over the franchise completely changing the Crew’s outlook. An important medium-long term project, large targeted investments and the construction of a new stadium in downtown Columbus with 20,000 spectators that will be inaugurated in 2021. After having reached the lowest point in their history in 2017, the Crews have risen to regain prominence in the MLS.

in the countryside

If at a managerial level, with the new ownership everything has changed, the field has confirmed the progress of the club with constant growth, culminating in the success of the most surreal year, due to the obvious problems related to Covid, in the history of MLS. The final played in Columbus, and which definitively greeted Mapre Stadium, the first real soccer-specific stadium built by an MLS team, had no history with the Crews dominating by beating the Seattle Sounders 3-0. The star of the evening was the talented Argentine midfielder Lucas Zelarayan, author of a brace (Derrick Etienne the other scorer) and a series of sumptuous plays that earned him the Final MVP award. Just Zelarayan represents another successful investment, taken from Club de Futbol Tigres in Mexico, from the new property. What Crew fans couldn’t even dream of in 2017 became a reality in 2020. Those who have lived on a roller coaster ride for the past three years in Columbus know this well. “What the fans did in 2017 is absolutely extraordinary – emphasizes Ghanaian Jonathan Mensah, who has been in Columbus since 2017 after wandering around Europe that took him albeit briefly to Udinese-. Without them and without ‘Save The Crew’ all this would not have been possible at all”. The Columbus Crew is back.

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