MLS, Jesús Ferreira studies as a first striker in Dallas: a hat-trick for…

Hat-trick and assist in Dallas FC’s 4 goals against Portland Timbers, do you need more to be named MLS Player of the Matchday 4? For Jesús Ferreira it is enough and more.

So what a hat-trick, in just 10 minutes: the ninth fastest in MLS history, fastest in Dallas history and first in his career with only 21 years. In short, only 10 minutes, the time to cook a plate of pasta. With this hat-trick, the American striker breaks his friend’s record richard pepiwho spent 23 minutes in the Dallas jersey in 2021. And the primates don’t end there, in fact because Jesús Ferreira he is the second-youngest American player to score a hat-trick in the American league, first? Again that Ricardo Pepi who marked her at age 18 and who made the fortune of Dallas in recent seasons, then landed in Augsburg in the January market for 20 million dollars.

From one striker to another

With the departure of Pepi, Dallas has aggressively decided to focus on Jesus Ferreira’s ultimate blowout. The attacker born in 2000 was born as an attacking midfielder, but at the beginning of the season he is also learning to play like a false novelty: “This decision fills me with responsibility, I am happy. My main objective is to score, the hat-trick gives me a lot of confidence“, he said at the end of the game against Portland Timbers.


Last season Jesús Ferreira had scored 8 goals and given 8 assists to his teammates in 27 games, always giving the feeling of being able to grow more in many aspects. The advance on the chessboard Nino Estevez It can be very important in his growth, as the Dallas coach himself assures: “I’m happy for him, especially for how he trains and what he offers the team. He gave an assist today in the game, so you have to recognize that too. It is important that he continues to play as usual. the goals will come with time”.


The story of Jesus Ferreira

Born on December 24, 2000, his name is Jesus. And his father has a name biblical: David. Noel holy writings they have nothing to do with it. Jesús Ferreira started kicking the ball in 2009, when dad David decided to leaveAl-Shabab in United Arab Emirates dress shirt dallas. The boy grew up under the guidance of the best coaches in Texas from a young age, then the talent did everything else: 48 goals in 50 appearances for the Under 16 team in 2013, complete with a win at the national championship. In 2017 he signed his first professional contract and became the youngest player to debut in a Dallas jersey, a record that was later broken by Ricardo Pepi.

Now the talent born in Santa MartaCountry of Colombia bathed by the Caribbean Sea, it is ready to take the definitive leap in quality. And why not, perhaps with the aim of reaching Ricardo’s friend in Europe.

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