MLS SuperDraft 2022: interesting profiles

Here we are, it’s time SuperDraft in mls.

Just a show or a nearby business? While the Philadelphia Union has been snubbing him for years, as ds Tanner told us in the interview last season, other teams have seen his picks pay off both in terms of performance and money, including Dike ending up at West Bromwich. Albion.

Of course, the Academies give more possibilities to have champions in the team. Players build on their youth sectors, perhaps making them play in the USL L1 or USL Championship but also from the overdraft Someone interesting comes out.

Every year we repeat that there will be no new 2004 with choices like Dempsey (8th choice), Marshall (2), Cronin (10), Goodson (7), Grabavoy (14), Bradley (36), Alan Gordon (53). The first choice was a certain Freddy Adu.

The truth is that someone interesting comes out later, as if to confirm that American (or Canadian) dream that is so much talked about. If the Canadian Johnson selected by Nashville has even reached the selection, we have Dam which was sold, even briefly, to West Bromwich.

This year the first option will be for the new expansion, charlotte.

But let’s look at some interesting names.

ben bender (Midfielder, Maryland). For many the absolute first choice. He is a good midfielder with a decent shot from outside and he knows how to fit well off the ball.

ryan sailor (Defender, Washington). For many it came up in Austin. He has to improve tactically but on those sides perhaps it is asking too much. It has growth potential. An opportunity deserves it.

Muhammad Omar (Midfielder, Notre Dame). The midfielder approached in Chicago. The Paraguayan Giménez is already there, but Omar is a good midfielder. Against defense both as a director and as a filter he performs very well. I don’t know if they’ll pick it up in Illinois, but some won’t let it get away.

You will make Mutatu (Forward, State of Michigan). They point to Miami. They need to rebuild a team. Mutatu is a good striker, team leader. Perhaps in those parts we also need people with character.

kyle holcomb (Ahead, Wake Forest.) Colorado on him? They really need a player with those characteristics. He is short but very fast. If he is taught to avoid offside (he likes to play in the central defense line), he can be pleasantly surprised.

Sofiane Djeffal (Defender, State of Oregon). I NYRB about it. He is indicated by the MLS but in reality he is a central midfielder with good feet. He will be chosen for me and he will have to sweat a lot to reconfirm himself. Hard.

luke bartlett (Defender, San Juan). I don’t know if SKC will really go to a player born in ’97. He’s a good centre-back, maybe physically but he knows how to take penalties and free kicks. good head

Antonio Markanich (Defender, Northern Illinois). Left behind. His twin brother also in superdraft. He is not bad as a player. As with so many others, if you trust them you can pay a lot. It could be one of the first options.

Kendall Burks (Defender, Washington). It would be compared to the NYCFC. She is not really the footballer prototype of him. He is not super ready for MLS, but he is a true giant on defense. For me they choose it.

Delasi Batse (Defender, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte). He is a right back and these days there is none. Not bad, but he has to improve. Maybe a year at USL would be good for him, but for me it’s a choice.

mauro bravo (Forward, Florida International Univ.). Left-handed striker, he has to build muscles but for me he is very good. I would choose it

gabriel coast (Midfielder, Southern Methodist University). He looks like something out of a South American youth academy. Short, small but with fairy feet. One of those who spent 34 years as a show on the court in South America. Hopefully he gets a chance, because Americans aren’t used to seeing players like this.

Nicholas Dagnoni (Forward – Belmont Univ.) An Italian to cheer on. Forward who knows how to score and who knows how to lift the team. By characteristics he resembles former NYRB Stefano Bonomo.

Alonso of the World (Defender – Univ. of California). It is the year of the left backs. It’s not bad, on the contrary. He also has a good shot with a decent touch on the ball. He may be one of the few to be reconfirmed.

Peter Becker Dolabela (Midfielder – Marshall Univ.). Central midfield captain of Marshall Univ. Physically strong, he knows how to play for the team and discreetly accommodates himself without the ball.

Nathan Dossantos (Advocate. Marshall Univ.). Not bad. Maybe his height slows him down, but on a 433 he could be useful. He needs to play, maybe a season or two in the USL is more affordable.

Jacob Evans (Forward. Univ. of North Carolina Wilmington). Midfielder who can play both central and left. good feet Not bad. Could be useful in MLS.

Jacob Labovitz (Virginia Technological University Forward). Center forward who knows how to fight and score. For me they should choose it.

Roberto Molina (Forward. Light of Las Vegas). Super spin premium price. Already excellent performances and goals in the USL. Will he go to LAFC?

George Proctor (Defender. Georgia State Univ.) First forward who knows how to score. Something like a reminiscence of Musovski. He could be chosen.

pierre reedy (Midfielder. Penn State University). He is a technically good winger. He knows how to play both on the right and on the left, but it is in the latter position that he performs best.

in the image Carlo Ritaccio (Defender. Akron Univ.). Central defense and right back if necessary. At 183 cm, he is a good header. He knows how to score as well as defend and that is something that is not taken for granted nowadays. For me it deserves a call. He holds the defensive line well.

nick taylor (Forward. Univ. of Central Florida). Excellent technique, she knows how to play between the lines and opens up space for her teammates. For me it could be useful.

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