NBA, 1st round Playoffs: The Celtics win at the buzzer against the Nets after a crazy Game 1!

What game ! And it took a ring beater, complete with forceps, to designate a winner! Thanks to the serenity of Jayson Tatum (31 points, 8 assists), the Boston Celtics achieved their first decisive victory against the Brooklyn Nets (115-114). Steve Nash’s men had the opportunity to recover the home court advantage by going ahead at the last minute, but they let the face-to-face escape by poorly managing the final possessions. Tatum was perfectly complemented by Al Horford (20 points, 15 rebounds). The Celtics mostly withstood a huge Kyrie Irving (39 points, 6 of 10 from 3 points), while Kevin Durant was generally clumsy (9 of 24, 6 turnovers). This series of the first round of the NBA playoffs promises to be intense.

The clash between the Boston Celtics (2nd) and the Brooklyn Nets (7th) looks like an Eastern Conference final before the hour. At least, this unbreathable and disjointed first match proved it. Marked by an incalculable number of fouls (50 in total, including 30 in the first half!), the success of some (53.8% of the Nets) and the clumsiness of others (47.2% of the Celtics), this inaugural chapter delivered excruciatingly. suspense. As proof, neither team was able to escape before the break (61-61), while Kevin Durant was not (7 points, 2 of 10), when Jayson Tatum was gradually rising with 15 points after the second fourth, as Kyrie Irving.


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At the buzzer, Boston resists an incandescent match from Kyrie Irving

It was believed that Boston had put in one last push since the beginning of the third period, with an 11-2 thanks to award-winning baskets by Marcus Smart, active in defense and valuable in attack (72-63). The Celtics even went as far as 15 points apart, perfectly ensuring quick transition phases. Then the machine bogged down a bit, especially in the face of Durant’s newfound success. One against Jaylen Brown and another by Tatum allowed the Celtics to approach the last quarter with a small cushion (96-85). This did not prevent them from seeing the abyss very closely.

Because Irving had chosen his moment and made his former team live a real ordeal, before a hostile public as soon as he had the ball. The Brooklyn leader took matters into his own hands to allow his team to rise, chaining tricky baskets until they caught fire. In particular, he scored 8 straight points to pressure Boston before letting Durant pick up the slack to put the Nets back in front (98-100). It was then thought that the Ime Judoka players, unable to attack well in midcourt, would never recover from this catastrophic comeback and after a last winning basket by Irving under the minute (111-114).

But the light went out for the Nets, and it came back on for the Celtics, who took advantage of two rival defensive errors to offer themselves a game point on a layup by Brown (113-114) before the win thanks to Tatum, who got the best of Irving, his former teammate. In the previous action, Durant missed a killer basket that, perhaps, changes everything when it comes to doing the math. Meanwhile, it was Boston who made it out of hell alive, winning a deathmatch that, hopefully for the show, will call for others in the rest of the series. We’re already looking forward to the rematch, knowing Durant has one to take.


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