NBA – An exceptional Ja Morant to take down the Golden State Warriors, Brown and the Boston Celtics bounce back

Grizzlies–Warriors: 106-101

The two teams are tied 1-1

Win or lose, Ja Morant and the Grizzlies have promised to fight to the end and not back down from anyone. Not even Stephen Curry’s Warriors. Led by four points with just under four minutes to go, they managed to topple their opponents at prize time to ultimately win (106-101) and tie with a win throughout the series. Morant was the central figure in this late comeback.


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Unsustainable, constantly attacking the defense with the ball in hand, the young leader scored 15 points in a row to conclude the game: 15 points in four minutes, out of 47 points scored in this game. His 3-pointer from 2’30” from the siren gave Memphis the lead again in the final minutes. Stephen Curry responded but Morant added two layups from close range while being impeccable from the free-throw line.

A new record in the playoffs for the jewel of Memphis. He was able to take care of Curry (27 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists but 11 of 25) and every other player Golden State sent on a mission on him. But beyond their performance, the Grizzlies were able to make a difference on defense by stifling the Warriors’ shooters and severely limiting their number of open 3-pointers. Opposing stars suffered behind the arc — just 3 of 11 for Curry. 2 of 12 for Klay Thompson for a total of 7/38 for Steve Kerr’s men.

A profitable method to stop the best attack of the playoffs. The 18 turnovers also hurt a California team that could have been smug at times. He won’t be able to afford it on his court during Game 3. It will probably be without Gary Payton II, the main anti-Morant defensive weapon, and badly injured in the elbow early in the game by Dillon Brooks, excluded for this flagrant foul that could be to talk.

Celtics-Bucks: 109-86

The two teams are tied 1-1

The truth of one game is not always the truth of the next. The Celtics and Jaylen Brown remembered that by winning quite clearly in Game 2 against the Bucks (109-86), two days after conceding Game 1 at home. “We can’t let one meeting dictate the rest of the series.“said Brown, author of 30 points after being clumsy in the previous game.”You had to be aggressive from the start.“That’s exactly what he did.

Forceful, he quickly got into a rhythm chaining the baskets and Boston took control of the game in the first quarter (32-21) while driving the point home in the second. 65-40 at halftime with 25 points already from the All-Star fullback, who converted 9 of his 10 attempts (5/5 from behind the arc) in the first 24 minutes.

He calmed down a bit later but Milwaukee was already on the ropes. Jayson Tatum also showed a better face by compiling 29 points and 8 assists. The executives followed the path and the players on duty followed them, 21 points for Grant Williams, 11 for Al Horford, again excellent on defense. The veteran fought to slow down Giannis Antetokounmpo as best he could. The latter accumulates 28 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists but 11 of 27 shots and 6 turnovers.

Too clumsy for the Bucks, who, for example, scored only three winning baskets in 18 attempts. The two teams are now tied, one round in all, before Game 3 that already promises to be decisive.


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