NBA – NBA – Finally the long-awaited star with Damian Lillard in Portland?!

While some players are contending for the title, others are already thinking about their futures, and obviously a great All-Star would consider leaving his franchise during free agency. A team would have already positioned itself in the file.

While the playoffs hog the spotlight in the NBA microcosm, unranked or eliminated franchises already have to focus on the next big deadlines, namely the Draft and then free agency, but also sort out some roster questions in the NBA. place. In Los Angeles, for example, a decision will have to be made on the case russell westbrookresponsible for the failures on the part of the fans.

And if the leaders are deep in thought, the players must also start thinking about their future. Some are in ideal situations but may not have offers that match their expectations, like Alex Caruso last summer, who had to leave for Chicago without a satisfactory offer from the Lakers. The blur must be complete in more than one head…

Zach LaVine on his way to Portland?

Furthermore, according to information collected by the very serious Brian Windhorst ofESPN, a very big All-Star could be on the way, even as his franchise has been trying to build around him for several seasons. In fact, Zach LaVine saw Nikola Vucevic, DeMar DeRozan and then Lonzo Ball arrive in just a few short months, and yet he was able to pack his bags this summer.

Initially, everyone in the NBA thought that Zach LaVine would be completely untouchable in the market. But in recent weeks, no one can be sure the fullback will still be in Chicago next season. Additionally, the Blazers quickly emerged as a potential All-Star point guard to support Damian Lillard only since the departure of CJ McCollum.

Zach LaVine is likely to be the most coveted free agent, so he’ll be spoiled for choice when choosing his next franchise. And while everyone watched him extend the adventure with the ambitious Bulls, he was finally able to pack his bags. The Blazers would be on the lookout, they who dream of finding a new partner in Damian Lillardwho will find it hard to shine without a high-level sidekick.

But Portland isn’t the only franchise in the case, asanother All-Star clearly kicked the crazed dunker in recent days, which could influence your decision. In any case, after Chicago’s elimination in the first round of the playoffs, Zach LaVine will have time to think, weigh the pros and cons of each offer and make the wisest decision for his career.

Zach LaVine is at the heart of the Bulls project and their leaders are doing everything they can to surround it as best he could, but all that effort could be in vain as he would seriously consider leaving Illinois. It must be said that with the revival of DeMar DeRozan, he has taken a backseat…

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