NBA. The Golden State Warriors continue against Dallas and are one step away from the final

Three years later, Golden State took a big step toward qualifying for the NBA Finals again. The Warriors scored their third straight victory against the Mavericks on Sunday in Dallas to take a 3-0 lead. Never has a team managed to win the last four games of a series in the playoffs. More than ever with their backs to the wall, the Texan team is therefore forced to make history.

Which promises to be very complicated, since Golden State seems to dominate the subject as well as the context, giving the reason to its coach Steve Kerr, who continues to hammer his team ” has preserved the DNA of the champion with three crowns in five consecutive finals played between 2015 and 2019.

Curry, Thompson and Wiggins upset the Mavs

This culture of winning is embodied by the essential Stephen Curry, who was once again instrumental in his team’s success. The leader played clean and efficient (31 points, 5/10 behind the arc, 11 assists). And in an evening with vintage accents, his “splash brother” was not left out: Klay Thompson, despite a half-staff direction in the first half, knew how to find his shot during the second act (19 points , 7 rebounds).

And Andrew Wiggins, who knew how to take over by flexing his muscles in the fourth quarter, in which he scored ten of his 27 points (11 rebounds)?

His stratospheric and forceful dunk, like that of Shawn Kemp, an expert in the genre in the 90s with the Seattle SuperSonics jersey, who knocked down Doncic in passing, continues to be the strong image of this match, worthy of appearing in the Top 10 of the season, if collector Ja Morant (Memphis) deigns to give up a spot.

In the following action, the side crushed a touch, which gave air to his team (95-83), when Dallas tried to overcome the score.

But Luka Doncic had not said his last word. The Slovenian prodigy was exceptional in the last twelve minutes, with 21 points in the pocket, to finish the game with 40 points and 11 rebounds.

Luka Doncic was not enough

Problem, he was too alone in the attack. Aside from Spencer Dinwiddie (26 points), very good off the bench, and Jalen Brunson (20 points), the other Mavericks weren’t really in Top Gun mode.

If the clumsiness from long distance (13/45) still punished Dallas, which again abused the attempts, the credit also goes to the defense of Golden State, which in the past has also built its successes on the dissuasion of each moment . That was not always visible, with the exploits of his fire attackers.

All these found ingredients, under the direction of “Chef Curry”, liven up the game of the Warriors, now very close to being in the spotlight.

NBA. The Golden State Warriors continue against Dallas and are one step away from the final

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