NFL 2020-2021, when does it start? The possible dates and the sanitary regulations to be respected. Towards a start behind closed doors – OA Sport

While the United States is still in the midst of the global health emergency that has brought the entire world to its knees, The NFL is on its way to the new season that, as widely announced, It will start on Thursday, September 10. The hundredth first regular season in history will kick off with the usual appetizer of the current champions. The Kansas City Chiefs, in fact, will display the Lombardi Trophy they won in February in Miami and host the Houston Texans.

It will be the first of 256 games that will make up a long and intense road that will take the 32 franchises to the The Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, February 7, 2021, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. A city that has made headlines thanks to the acquisitions of legendary quarterback Tom Brady and his trusty tight end Rob Gronkowski, both from the New England Patriots. Also for this reason the season promises to be very electrifying and vibrant. Patrick Mahomes and his teammates will try to make an encore, but the rivals will not fail, neither in the AFC nor in the NFC.


For the moment, however, the biggest concerns around the NFL come off the field. The pandemic is terrifying on many levels and everything has not yet been established on the security level. First of all, however, the first camps reserved for rookies that, by tradition, should have been held in April, have already been cancelled, while we wait for the heart of summer to witness the official start of the preparation phase itself.

How is the most followed league in the United States doing? In the first phase of the security protocol regulation, a limited number of employees (and we’re not talking about players yet, ed) will be allowed access to the facilities, up to a maximum of 75 employees per day. However, this number may vary as there may be more restrictive measures in some states. No player, however, could have access to the facilities, apart from all those who continue to undergo injury rehabilitation. The only certain news to date speak of one possible opening of training centers from May 29 or, in any case, until the local and government authorities have relaxed the confinement measures. In recent weeks, teams have been able to hold video conferencing sessions four days a week, for up to four hours a day. Everything is still absolutely going for the contact sport par excellence. In the United States they will have to evaluate methods and training methods very precisely, in order to avoid the risks of the players.

The second item on the agenda, of course, is the presence or absence of public in the stands. The NFL remains a true “beacon” in terms of optimism and pragmatism. The message comes directly from Troy Vincent, Executive Vice President of Sports Operations for the National Football League, which in fact confirms that the most followed sports scene in the United States will continue to exist Play all scheduled games with the gates open. we are planning to have full stages until we are told otherwise by the medical community. We don’t have to think about today the championship will start in september, with the preseason in August. There are still several months to go and anything can still happen. Anyway we cannot reasonably think of stadiums filled to capacity. Half of the audience will have to be considered, maybe three-quarters.”

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