NFL 2021, the pagellone

With LA still busy celebrating, we close out the season with our super pagellone!

The 2021 season goes on file with Los Angeles Rams win. For our part (and mine in particular) a thanks to all of you who have followed us this season.

Now the long winter of the oval ball awaits the kick-off of the 2022 Regular Season scheduled for early September. Obviously, we will continue to update you on the main news regarding the transfer market, the draft and player arrests (always cheerful in the long offseason).

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And now I’m down with the year-end pagellone

PAGELLON 2021-22

Vote 8 tom brady – Last season of an unreal level that ended one step away from another sensational comeback (L against the Rams in the Divisional). Il Fenomeno has retired but the bets are now open on when he will get tired of being a dad at home to return to the ring with a team that needs help

Vote 7 Aaron Rogers – Four MVPs are something remarkable and only Manning (with 5) has done better in history. However, Rodgers himself is still at 1 in Superbowl won (and played) item. And that this year really tastes like a missed opportunity. Now it remains to be seen whether she will stay in Green Bay (willing to do anything to support him) or try a change of scenery (perhaps at his house in San Francisco).

Vote 7 San Francisco 49ersOne step away from the final playing without a level QB (at certain levels, Garoppolo is just a handsome boy). I don’t know how wide the “window” is for these Niners, as I’m not sure Trey Lance, a rookie out of North Dakota State, can be the immediate answer to the problem.

Vote one Urban Meyer – A few months later he hires an assistant coach with a history of racism, kicks his kicker, after a loss he stops at a strip club instead of going home with the team and, if that were not enough, he does not do more what to lose Fired, he will never return to the NFL. Some college programs, on the other hand, might forgive him for this series of things given his glorious past at Florida and Ohio State.

Vote 6.5 Tomlin and Roethlisberger – The marriage between the Steelers and their QB ends well. Another qualification for the playoffs and an honorable farewell. 2 SB won and a cornerstone of many winning teams in yellow and black sauce. And now, for Coach Tomlin, comes the toughest challenge: replacing a legend who, for better or worse, has kept him afloat all these years.

Vote 5 cleveland browns – After a super 2020, 2021 has only given us disappointments. A team theoretically prepared in all the roles that Mayfield’s injury paid for (who did not come back from half broken). The offseason that awaits Cleveland is decisive in clarifying what will become of Mayfield himself (who will enter the last year of his contract) and of the team itself.

Vote 9 joe burrow Beyond the Superbowl, Burrow has proven to be the “answer” to the Bengals’ age-old problems now gloating over the prospect of potentially fifteen years of this would-be phenom in the QB role. It is important to protect him by investing everything available in offensive linemen

Vote 6 Kansas City Chiefs The Chiefs’ strange season ended with a loss that went very badly (in the Championship against the Bengals). Mahomes’ “cycle” has so far produced one SB win, one loss and two losses in the Championship. Things that other franchises dream of at night but that, in Missouri, the idea of ​​​​something “unfinished” begins to spread

Vote 7 las vegas raiders – They survived the firing of Coach, the top catcher who causes a fatal accident (fired), an armed rookie (himself fired) to play a big Wild Card game in Cincinnati (lost with honor). The base is there, who knows if coach Mc Daniels, recently arrived from New England, will be able to take advantage of the long wave of a positive 2021

Vote 5.5 Bill Belichick – Ok that mac jones he’s a rookie and it’s okay that, overall, making the playoffs was a positive thing. But taking THAT scoppola in Buffalo (44-17 in the Wild Card game) is an open wound that leaves its mark on him. Mc Daniels is gone and replacing him will not be easy. Also because “that other” has meanwhile won a Ring (and almost won another…)

Vote 4 kyler murray – The Murray-Cardinals soap opera is just beginning. After a positive season anyway (Cardinals in the playoffs after so many years), Murray himself has removed any reference to the Cardinals from his social media. The best recipe to provoke a media “case” in search of a new contract? To go out (yes, but where)?

Vote 10 Matthew Stafford – Away from the technical “prison” of Detroit, the former Georgia has finally proven his worth. Four wins in a row in the playoffs with three comebacks and the jewel of the decisive series in the Superbowl. And now his entire career takes on a new weight in perspective.

Vote 3 new york footballThe Jets and Giants are now victims of a spiral of failure that seems to have no end. And there are no big news on the horizon for 2022

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