Nfl football, Brady and Mahomes super. San Francisco breaks through Dallas

The 49ers beat the Cowboys and will now face Green Bay. Well the Bucs despite the absences, the Chiefs overwhelming the Steelers in Roethlisberger’s farewell game

Ricardo Pratesi

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Victory in the sprint for San Francisco, which beats Dallas, all easy for Tampa and Kansas City, according to the prediction. Here is the detail of the three NFL wild card races on the schedule, the program will close with Los Angeles Rams-Arizona, on the Italian night between Monday and Tuesday.

Dallas Cowboys-San Francisco 49ers 17-23

The 49ers win in Texas, playing the game they had in mind. They run 169 yards, dominate the time of possession and then pressure Prescott (5 sacks). Leading 13-7 at halftime, thanks to Mitchell’s run goal and kicks from Gould, an icy kicker, they appear to be in complete control late in the third quarter, up 23-7 after the goal in a streak by the immeasurable Deebo Samuel as always, spectacular both as a runner and as a receiver. But the Boys “sell their lives dearly”: they hit the fake punt, with Anger concocting an accurate quarterback, and come back with a Zuerlein field goal and then Prescott’s run goal, also in the dark. the most important occasion, with so many offensive weapons at his disposal. The Californians’ defense, which also lost Bosa (headshot) and Warner (ankle) during the game, ‘hold on’ on 4th down and 11 in midfield, with Dak shooting an incomplete for Wilson. The 14 penalties crush the Texans’ ambitions, brilliant only with Cooper on offense, and despite Vander Esch trying to save his on defense to no avail. Garoppolo fails to close out the game when he could and should, is intercepted by Brown, but Prescott squanders the last chance in desperation. He ticks off time without even attempting to throw the Hail Mary into the end zone, sloppy and not very brave.


The 49ers make the trip to Green Bay on Saturday night at Rodgers’ home. They will come out helpless, not defeated. Dallas can reflect on another season that began with huge expectations and ended prematurely. Is Prescott worth all that money?

Tampa Bay Bucs-Philadelphia Eagles 31-15

The reigning champions win on the chariot. Despite the many absences: Fournette, Godwin, Brown and Sherman the most significant. Despite the wind blowing in Florida, the first of the home playoffs in 14 years: the Super Bowl won at Cannon Stadium in 2021 is officially considered neutral ground. Tampa wins because it has Brady: solid as a rock. Wind, absences, pressure: he doesn’t feel anything. He closes out throwing 29/37 for 271 yards, 2 attempts and no interceptions. Efficient, impeccable despite the fact that his best line man, Wirfs, injured his ankle. His recovery will be key for the next game, always at home. This Tampa has mastered it. Ahead 17-0 at halftime, 31-0 at the start of the fourth quarter. Thanks to running tries by Bernard and Vaughn, in the end zone, by Gronkowski, on touchdown 15 of the postseason, and by Evans, from 36 yards. Philly saved face with late attempts from Scott and Gainwell, but the visitors’ performance was disappointing.


The Bucs need to get Fournette and Wirfs back, before anything else. Then, having more of Brady’s “other” targets, only Miller showed anything, and in the rush to the quarterback: just a couple of sacks, plus interceptions from Edwards and Barrett. Philly has to resolve the Hurts’ misunderstanding: They qualified for the playoffs without beating any postseason teams. The 9-9 season record defines the team for what it is: mediocre, especially at Hurts, a running back who plays quarterback. In the Draft, the Eagles have the option of finding a more futuristic one. Philadelphia had no sweat, emergency surgery for a life-threatening condition.

Kansas City Chiefs-Pittsburgh Steelers 42-21

Mahomes overflows, wins Kansas City. The quarterback throws for 5 attempts, the Pittsburgh defense holds only for one quarter, the first. After putting her head forward, with the fumble returned in the goal by TJ Watt, probable defenseman of the year, she is swept. Mahomes closes the scoring already in the first half, closing out ahead 21-7, throwing into the end zone for McKinnon, Pringle and Kelce. In the third set he becomes an exhibition, with 6-point shots for Allegretti and Hill. Roethlisberger, in the last start of his career before retiring, after a decisive game robs him of the satisfaction of fishing in the Johnson and Washington end zones, but only to walk out of Arrowhead Stadium with his head held high. For the occasion he had also recovered Smith-Schuster, but it was not nearly enough.


Kansas City responds to Buffalo, which hosts next Sunday, as a show of strength. Therefore, the other AFC divisional challenger will be Tennessee-Cincinnati on Saturday night. Pittsburgh squeezed Big Ben to the last, next season it will have to rebuild with a new quarterback. Is not easy …

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