NFL Free-Agency 2022, AFC West blows: Adams to the Raiders!

The NFL market is delivering surprise hits from time to time with the Mahomes Division unleashed

We could write, exaggerating, that there will be two NFL “leagues” next year. That of the entire League and that of the AFC West after the ups and downs that saw the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders as protagonists. Buffalo lands the shot on defense as the reigning champions ward off an attack.

AFC Wild West

The Division of Kansas City, Denver, Las Vegas and the Los Angeles Chargers, already at a senior level in 2021, has been lifted to new heights with the four teams that, objectively, would have no problem winning each of the other seven Divisions. But let’s go in order.

Pressured by the presence of the other competitors and with the widespread belief that a team lacks a single QB to be competitive, Denver hit the jackpot by sending many picks to Seattle (2 first and 2 second rounds plus three players) to ensure one’s performance superstar like Russell Wilson.

To try to “stop” Wilson and Mahomes, the Chargers broke the piggy bank and grabbed two defending stars as jc jackson (the best CB among Patriots free agents) with a contract of 5 years for $82 million (40 guaranteed) and Khalil Mack (the very strong LBs ex Bears and Raiders) while the Raiders have provided a Derek Carr a real talent like the WR in front of adams (the two, among other things, were teammates in college at Fresno State): at Green Bay a first and second choice 2022 while Adams becomes the highest paid WR in history with contract of 5 years for $141 million (67 guaranteed). It should be noted that the Packers were ready to put on the table the same offer as the Raiders but the player preferred a change of scenery.

But Las Vegas also acted defensively by taking one of the best pass-rushers in the league, namely the former Cardinals. Chandler-Jones: hired for him by 3 years for $52 million (34 guaranteed).

In all of this, the Chiefs have been fairly calm as they can count on a team that has contested four championships in a row in the last four years.

Rams: bye Miller, there’s Robinson “for OBJ”

Having said what will be the most exciting Division in the League, let’s move on to the rest of the market movements. He won his second Superbowl with the Rams, the DE miller sign a rich contract (6 years for $160 million of which, though, only 53 guaranteed — essentially a three-year deal — with the Bills to try and add even more glory and trophies to an already Hall of Fame career. The former Broncos star could bring to Buffalo that experience the defense has lacked on some recent occasions (think suicide against the Chiefs in the Divisional last January).

On offense, the Rams will not have Odell Beckham Jr. (he injured his knee in the Super Bowl), however, they immediately protected themselves by signing one of the most popular WRs in this market, the former Chicago allen robinson with contract of 3 years for $46 million.

By Shaun Watson and Baker Mayfield

Said of the arrival in Washington of carson wenttz (in search of the umpteenth/last relaunch of a career that started very well and then got bogged down after a serious knee injury a few years ago, the other burning situation is that of deshaun watson: “Freed” from the legal issue linked to alleged sexual assaults (which, however, could still cost him a disqualification), the Texans QB is the prized piece of the market. The former Clemson, who has been on the move with Houston for at least two years, is choosing one of many interested teams.

The favorite seems to be Atlanta, which would also have the advantage of being the “home” of the talent born less than an hour’s drive from Mercedes Benz Stadium. At that time it would be “free” matt ryan. Just Ryan could be that figure sought by the Cleveland Browns, who have made sure amari cooper although losing Jarvis Landrynow in progress with baker mayfield in a merry-go-round of quarterbacks unprecedented in NFL history: Baker wants the trade to go to the Colts but the Browns, to date, are unwilling to honor the quarterback’s demands.

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