NFL, goodbye to the Washington “Redskins”: the company changes its name after accusations of racism after the death of George Floyd

Good 87 years and more than thousand games. Until I have the name and logo of the Washington ‘redskins’. Yes, because the US capital soccer franchise has announced that it will remove all references to American nativesafter the latest controversy over the name and symbol considered racistsyou become especially vibrant after the death of George Floyd.

A story that began in the 1930s, a Boston and not in Washington, the city to which the franchise moved in 1937, five years after its founding: that name and that symbol, a Native American with two feathers in his hair on a yellow background, had sparked much controversy.
In the 1930s reference to “red indians” make reference to courage and to pride Native Americans, but the term coined by English settlers has always had a derogatory sense. The same goes for the logo, although it had become one of the most recognizable in the NFL.

On several occasions the term “redskins” and the logo had ended up in the crosshairs of associations, Native American delegations and the media advocating a name change: several demonstrations with banners reciting slogans such as “We are not your pets” (“We are not your pets”). But the team’s top management had never accepted such appeals and the current owner, Dan Snydernet worth entrepreneur 2.6 billion dollarshe had stated that he would never, ever change the name of the team.

Politicians also intervened, such as the Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the House of Representatives, who from social networks had criticized the team’s position against racism, judging it of little use: “Do you really want to defend racial justice? Change your name,” she wrote.

But where demonstrations and protests have not been successful sponsor: it all started from FedEx, the club that gives its name to the stadium of the now former Redskins, which has been invited to change the name. Then it was the turn of the Nike which has withdrawn the design material from its stores, and finally Pepsi Y Bank of America. In short, very important partners for a franchise that is worth second Forbes 3.4 billion dollars: just to be clear, three times Real Madrid.

Hence the company’s statement: “Today we announce the withdrawal of the Redskins name and logo. dan snyder and Coach Rivera are working closely together to develop a new name and design approach that will enhance the reputation of our proud and tradition-rich group and inspire our sponsors, fans and community for the next 100 years.” High expectations therefore for the new name and new logo, which should be made official before the next NFL season.

This is not the first time that an American sports team has removed logos and references considered offensive to Native Americans: two years ago they were the cleveland indiansdeductible from baseballto remove the famous logo of “Boss Wahoo”, a red Indian chief with a 32-tooth smile and a long feather on his head. This transition, however, is not yet complete: it is still possible to find and buy in stores caps and more with the “Chief Wahoo” logo, among the most popular (and purchased) by lovers of the genre.

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